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A Very Sad Day!

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    A Very Sad Day!

    If you haven't heard Gleno (the President of Sin City Sport bikes) was killed on his bike last night.

    A 45-year-old Boulder City man was killed just after 9 p.m. Tuesday when the motorcycle he was driving collided with a minivan on American Pacific Drive, just west of Gibson Road, Henderson police said.

    The man was identified as Glen Earl McIntosh by the Clark County coroner's office.

    McIntosh was heading east on American Pacific when a minivan exited from a private driveway and tried to cross American Pacific to head west, police said.

    McIntosh could not stop in time and slammed into the minivan, police said. He was wearing a helmet.

    McIntosh was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

    The minivan was driven by Elizabeth Faiman, 43, of Henderson, police said. She volunteered to take a blood test. No citation or arrest was made.

    Gleno was one of those guys who passion for riding was contagious!

    and for those not on the list


    I have Bad News again.
    We have another Hawklister in need of your prayers. He is one of my
    former MSF students, Brett Cole 17 years old.
    He used two emails on [email protected]
    [email protected]
    He was planning on taking the Ed Bargy racing school this weekend at
    Talladega, with the idea of getting his WERA license.
    Just bought a track SV. Was out riding it in today's spring like
    weather, was hit head on, on a twisty two lane country road.

    I received the call around 5 PM, from a FBR member looking for contact
    information. The State Troopers were having trouble finding his
    parents. He was Air Lifted, in critical condition, unconscious. We just heard
    he also lost his right arm and part of his shoulder.

    I will let you know as soon as I know his room etc. Now at UAB Hospital

    I talked to Stacey, Brett's sister. Brett was out riding his new SV
    trying to get ready for this weekend and was hit head on by a car. The
    driver of the car swears that Brett was in the wrong lane and he swerved
    to miss him, but we don't know.

    They had to amputate his right arm and part of his right shoulder to
    save his life.

    Brett is still unconscious and doesn't know yet. Please keep him and
    his family in your prayers.

    from Chris Thompson his close friend.

    From another FBR member

    Mark Cambron talked to his parents. We were updated at the club meeting
    tonight. Apparently, the shock of the crash moved his upper shoulder
    back away from his spine. This necessitated removal of his shoulder,
    and arm. He is in very grave condition and Mark will be spending the night
    down at UAB with his folks.

    Yes, tonight, he needs your prayers. I know Gary or Henry will be
    posting in the morning.

    Let be careful out there i hate losing friends!
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    ps gleno was a one of a kind guy! I'll miss talking to him not a hawker but he didn't care as long as you had the wind in you face with a smile! He rode for the love of riding. Kiss your loved ones often and thell them you love them!
    1\2 Liter Duc Eater


      I am the President of my chapter of Green Knights. We are a military motorcycle club like the Red Knights for Fire and the Blue Knights for Police.

      I am always interested in more details regarding safety to tell my fellow members about. Vehicles pulling out in front of us and "not seeing" us are two of the most common.

      Tragedies suck, but it is with education that we can "save" ourselves.

      We have a mentorship program in the club, new riders MUST take the MSF course and they are watched on rides and guided down the "right: path (There President being an aspiring racer and has a history of a wanna be stunter...). Even the "Old Guard" are held to a standard.

      I am not a praying man, but God Speed to Glenno and best of luck to Brett, he is in my thoughts.
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        This may be appropriate here:

        There, but for the grace of God, go I. Safe riding, everyone. People are worse than deer.
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        I can't tell you how peaceful it is. Shinya Kimura
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          I hope all goes well for those people and they recover well.

          As for the fallen comrade all my thoughts for the family and may there be cageless motorways where he is now.
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            took me forever to post on this. Thanks for posting up about Gleno, SV.
            I am going to miss Gleno's posts on PNW and I was actually going to give him a call when I head down to vegas in a few weeks to come out and get a pint. I also actually heard that Gleno was working on putting together a blood drive that night for a fallen rider who was in critical conidtion. He was on his way home from trying to get that put together when he was killed.
            Any news on Brett? Is he doing ok?


              Originally Posted by Soul
              Any news on Brett? Is he doing ok?
              Read up on this - he got out of the hospital on the 16th and is recovering remarkably quick. Though it looks like he lost more longterm mobility than my friend Andres, who was also hit by an SUV on Jan 20, he's already well surpassed him in recovery. My friend is still in a bed, though he's also home, a month after it happened.

              Brett even posted up:
              Originally Posted by Hawk0589
              Hey guys this is Brett, I am glad to inform you that I am out of the hospital and back at home. I believe that I have improved well and I thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers they have been such an encouragement to me and my family. Thanks again guys, you are all great- Brett
              Brett Cole is a young man that is a member of the Floribama Riders. He was planning on taking the riders school and getting his provisional license...
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                Isaac, glad to hear Andres continues to recover.
                1988 "BlackHawk" project
                1989 "RallyHawk" is Chuck's now!
                1988 "The Gray" Tempest Gray Metallic stocker

                I can't tell you how peaceful it is. Shinya Kimura
                People who know ride Hawks. Riot