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Welcome to new members and potential members.

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    Welcome to new members and potential members.

    I just read the hawkgt website and I see they are potentially closing down the mailing list. I think it is very sad that it is going away as it was, and still is, the original source for great information from the hawk community. Very sad.
    I also saw that there is a poll on the main page and hawkgtforum was mentioned. I wanted welcome to anyone who has moved over from the mailing list and is looking for their new online hawk community, we would love to have you.
    I, and other members, will continue to try build the forums into a better community and we are currently trying to figure out a way to start a photo hosting/photo gallary part of the site as well. No promises, but I know a lot of people would like it to be easier to post pictures, or at least host them, so it is something I would like to look at for the future.
    The hawk forum continues to grow and with all the activity lately and new members I wanted to point out that it is you all who are making this a better and better community and an incredible resource for hawks. Thank you for joining, thank you for posting.

    Congrats to people using the list, I just heard that the list is staying. Part of online hawk history will remain.