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    Originally Posted by Dmitry View Post
    I'm packing, Tuono, I think, It's all Rick 's fault, I was all set with bike selection (APE!) then he bailed and I began wondering... maybe a Multi?
    hahaha! Have a wonderful and safe time, brother.
    I'll be thinking of y'all when I take mine out for a ride this weekend.


      Gino and Steve have arrived.
      Flock of Hawks | '13 Tacoma | '69 Falcon (currently getting reassembled!)
      I've spent most of my money on women, beer, cars and motorcycles. The rest of it I just wasted.


        ...missing you folks...
        My hips move my bike; my bike moves my soul.

        There, and back again. (photos from the epic journey)

        '88 Hawk GT (Rekka)
        '07 Shadow 600 (Gremlin)

        '90 Hawk GT (Fireball/red-tailed hawk) RIP


          Originally Posted by Enigma T View Post
          ...missing you folks...
          "Hawk Porn" 1990 NT650-Penske 8981, Race-tech Springs & Gold Valves, Steve Lenac six-piston caliper & EBC rotor,SS Brake lines Ft / Rear lines through SSA ,VFR brake lever, F2 front wheel, F-120/70 R-160/60 Dunlop Roadsmart, Full-Supertrapp Exhaust, Stage 1 Jet kit, K&N Filter, Corbin Seat, Pro-Tec Clip-On's/ Past Rides...1986 VFR700F2 Interceptor / 1979 Yamaha Rd400 Daytona Special


            Chuck, in spirit I went and bought some steaks and gonna grill some this weekend!!!! Also half lit right now so yay to that as well!
            88 Blue Hawk GT - Under construction but rideable (guest approved)
            89 BlackHawk 2.0 - On the lift and being assembled
            90 Hawk GT (color as to yet be determined) - Still on the shelf in crates

            2002 DL1000 V-Strom - Workhorse. beat it, flog it, it keeps on going...


              69Falcon - Please keep clickin’ and postin’!! Wish I could be with you and the crew ... Good Times!
              Bi-Coastal U.S.A.: Los Angeles, CA and Long Island, NY


                Sample of the food...
                Flock of Hawks | '13 Tacoma | '69 Falcon (currently getting reassembled!)
                I've spent most of my money on women, beer, cars and motorcycles. The rest of it I just wasted.


                  I can almost taste that steak just lookin' at it.
                  Suzondacati Build Thread

                  Chain rollers, swing arm chain guides, brake hangers, etc.

                  Various parts for sale


                    Some pic...

                    epic 200 + mile ride yesterday. Got some misterious puncture the D pointed out 10 miles away from Chucks after the 200+ miles. Threw in a mushroom plug once we rolled in. Down to 20 psi. Ready to R+R.. let's go!

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                    Chain Roller


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                    2012 CCS LRRS P89 Champion
                    2008 CCS ULSB National Champion
                    LRRS HAWK GT Racer CCS Expert #929
                    ECK RACING


                      nt650hawk is the 2nd picture an interior view of the Wellsboro Diner?
                      Embrace science, not politicians.

                      '88 Blue 99% stock
                      '88 Restomod
                      '16 Yamaha FJ-09


                        Just wanna say thank you Chuck for his generous hospitality.
                        This weekend I hit some of the most wonderful roads I've ever seen very comparable to the smoky mountains if not better.
                        Also made some new fantastic friends!
                        I'm already looking forward to next year's hawk rally and meeting the regulars that couldn't go this year.
                        If you've never been to a hawk rally make sure to put it on your bucket list even if you live on the West Coast.

                        Sorry for not taking more pics.

                        Thank you all see you next year.
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                          I miss this thing. Cheers, Hawkers.
                          1988 "BlackHawk" project
                          1989 "RallyHawk" is Chuck's now!
                          1988 "The Gray" Tempest Gray Metallic stocker

                          I can't tell you how peaceful it is. Shinya Kimura
                          People who know ride Hawks. Riot


                            Originally Posted by dagus View Post
                            I miss this thing. Cheers, Hawkers.

                            and why do you keep missing it? I don't want to rub it, but at leas once a year you need to escape from your leash

                            I had a blast!

                            Thanks Chuck for once again making this the highlight of the summer!
                            Gino for leading the Saturday ride, that was some fun stuff.
                            Everyone else for coming and making this what it is, a family reunion!!

                            Left Friday after work and made good time, 350 miles in 5 hours, all highway. Switched to clear visor around 8:30 and this is what it looked like when I arrived


                            Stayed up till 2 and up at 6am only to find Gino already dressed in full gear ready to go

                            Left at 7 and it was still freezing cold, upper 50's, didn't warm up till noon, when we stopped for breakfast my fingers were so numb I could barely handle utensils

                            Couple hundred miles to "Grand Canyon of PA" and back, some twisty roads, gravel and one slow leak in Ginos rear tire, still made it back by 1. It was "we got 180 miles left, should take us 5-6 hours" and back at Chuck's 3 hours later




                              After we got back to the house the real party began: eating, drinking and working on the bikes


                              Slept let Sunday, when I woke up at 6 it was still raining so I went back to sleep.

                              Got up at 9 and watched F1 with Leandro

                              By noon I was ready to go when it started raining


                              Finally around 12:30 I hit the road, took highway to Binghamton, then got off on to surface roads, ended up back on 17 for few miles, then got off near Deposit, took Rt.10 along the Reservoir to Walton, then 206 to Downsville, then 30 to 28, 214, 23A... all amazing scenic roads

                              This is Rt.10 Cannonsville Reservoir, looks to be 15' low because of the drought


                              and this is Devil's Tombstone on 214 between Phoenicia and Hunter.

                              I didn't stop at Haines falls because it was dry and weather was coming fast.


                              Took 23A to Catskill and decided to stay on surface roads, took Rip Van Winkle bridge across Hudson and followed 23 all the way to Westfield with angry clouds following closely behind. Managed to stay dry the whole way, although plenty of wet roads




                                Chuck… Your generosity and kindness are unmatched ... thank you so much for hosting.

                                I showed up with a hawk that was thrown together over the last several months but not complete… Steve’s prediction was 2 hours ... With the help of Gino, Steve, Andy, Chuck, Eileen, and Dmitry we were able to get it up and running in 7 ish ... despite every possible gas orifice leaking ... so that I could take the boy for a spirited group ride yesterday with my wife following in the pick up truck just in case!

                                Duke is hooked and wants to start planning for our return next year ... where to go what to see ... and have all the mods we talked about ... Done ... we will see y’all next year if not sooner !
                                Anticipation and constipation are very much the same