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Happy 4th yall!

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  • Happy 4th yall!

    Its the 10 year anniversary, so ill tell the story again.

    10 years ago we were at my parents' beach house doing a fireworks display. They always had about 50 people over for the 4th. . f
    We had them in the sand propped up so they would shoot out to the ocean. one was a 8 shot, pre packed box. These where the type that blasted up leaving a colored trail and then exploded into a ball when they reached their designed height.

    Well this 8 pack beautifully fired off a couple fireworks over the ocean. Then i happened. The second one, or maybe third, managed to flip the box over so it was now shooting backward at the rocks, and worse, the people on them. I ran over to grab it. I straddled the box, one foot on each side, reached down and grabbed it, like hiking a football and rotated it up and forward, back towards the ocean. As soon as it got to vertical it launched another fire work, straight up my leg, into my shorts and inserted itself between my man parts and my leg!

    That was the longest 5 seconds of my life as that firework tried to propel itself upward, , . I did mange to get a hand somewhat between my balls and the firework (as much as my shorts would allow) before it finished its blast off stage and hit its blow up stage.

    I got third degree burns all down my leg, and my shorts where a total loss, but everyone else got a hell of a laugh, and my balls survived, so worth it overall.

    Happy 4th!! stay safe out there!
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    Happy 4th of July!
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      OUCH, and that happened to us last summer. we had the same setup aimed out over the river in front of the house and most in sand buckets. I put the box one on the paved drive that slopes and it aimed right at the river. about shot 2 it flipped over and aimed back at the house then every shot it spun to aim a different way and none if us could go get it. Was a scary 6 shots, luckily none of us got hit or anything damaged on the house.