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    HAHA found this pic of a crazy Bros. Why would someone do this?

    Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.

    it even has a windshield wiper.


      And a heated rear carrier box? (Black cable on RH frame)
      -A pizza delivery special!!!

      A very un-dignified fate for a Hawk / Bros.

      I admire the ingenuity, -just should have done it to a POS bike instead.

      Edit: Thats a radiator on the backend! - nose covers the airflow to the stock location - duh. -Could head up your lunch if you placed it in the right spots though.
      -I'm sorry....I did not know she was your sister.
      -If Buckleys cold mixture went would anybody know????
      -Dont piss off the quiet guy with the chain saw.


        Well on a positive note It speaks to the diversity of the Hawk...

        Oh who am I kidding! That thing is ugly and whomever did that to a Hawk/Bros should be dragged into the street and shot!.
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          I like the handle bars myself...

          88' (Gulf) Hawk GT
          and some non-Hawks...


            the bars look like ape hangers lol

            its a roll cage for rock crowling lol j/k
            1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51


              I didn't know Dr. Seuss was into motorcycling...
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              I can't tell you how peaceful it is. Shinya Kimura
              People who know ride Hawks. Riot


                Thats an old picture from another list, which got me thinking about other bikes with roofs. So do you remember these???
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