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Sold the Bros... New bike

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    Sold the Bros... New bike

    Bike went in for a service and i had a young lad offer me way too much money for the bros..

    So i've just bought myself a Bandit 600

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    You will feel the pain of your loss soon!
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      Nice new bike man. Sorry you bailed on the Bro's but I was in the same position recently. The hawk got a new home at my cousins place and I am working on a 900rr project, but the hawk community is just too damn great to leave behind.
      I figure I will pick a hawk up again when i have more funding and garage space.


        I narrowly escaped missing out entirely on the Underground Culture of Hawks when I was shopping around for my first bike! You see, I have a soft spot for Bandits, because I almost bought one. If the student loan I'd been able to take out to cover buying a bike had been just a little bit (ok, a lot) more, I would've gotten a brand new 2003 Bandit for 6K - the 2004's were coming in. Luckily I didn't have the cash, and that led me to the Hawk!

        That's a great lookin' Bandit. You should put a SSSA on there...
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