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    Security in the city

    So, I am moving to Philadelphia, a reasonable neighborhood, into an end of a row, no garage, no way to get the bike in the yard. Plenty of sidewalk space. I am planning on a Xena disc lock, and a chain/cable/cover of some sort.

    Does anyone have experience with this? Any tips on what where how, what not to do... Any help would be appreciated...
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    i live in brooklyn and though i've never had a very "coveted after" looking bike (at least to thieves) i think the following is a good recipe.
    -Cover it as much as possible, even if you are home and watching it. You don't want anyone "scouting" it out for a later nicking.
    -At least one tough chain and lock, ie.) kryptonite and lock it to something... fence, guardrail, etc. and try and keep the lock as tight and bundled as possible. Easier to cut one strand of chain than two or three.
    -A disk lock is helpful I'm sure as well, especially when not at home, but i've never had disk brakes before this year, so... any recommendations on brands, styles, etc.?
    -Get to know your neighbors and make it evident that you care a lot about your bike and that you are the only one that touches it. This will do two things: make it clear for them and their rotten little kids that they shouldn't even think about "petting" your bike, and also give you another few sets of eyes that will be alarmed when they see someone other than you near the bike.
    -Lastly, my bikes have always been right outside my window and i sleep right next to said window. In the 3 warm seasons, I keep the window open and can hear almost everything on the whole block. It sucks most of the time, but I will know if someone is trying to steal my bike.

    Other than that, maybe look into finding a garage nearby where it's 24 hour security.
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      well paking garge thats closes at night??? a very very very thick and heavy chain that cannt not be cut with lock cuters and very very heavy lock. that will most like cost around $100 + I have a harly chain thats each link is about 1/4 in think. that type that you cant cut. make sure it threw that wheels at least so you cant roll or lift the back or front wheel to move the bike.

      most likey that have a truck or trailer to take the bike.

      well to tell you truth i dont have to woryy to much about it bike is keep lock up but im only 18 just my 2 cents on the topic
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        just to make it harder on some people, id mod the tang on the steering head so you can use that lock too.. i did mine this weekend.


          I kept my Hawk covered and chained on the sidewalk outside my window back when I lived in Queens. The neighbor kids thought it was there for pony rides (I was CONSTANTLY adjusting my mirrors), the neighbor's min-pin thought it was a fire hydrant, and the NYPD thought it was a bulletin board for freaking tickets once another neighbor complained (it's illegal to have a bike on the sidewalk in NYC, though the cops generally leave you alone most of the time - but in the wrong mood, they have NO problems lifting up your cover and bending your license plate if you have a cool plate bracket like mine that's not as visible (ask me how I know...) Get a garage

          As an aside, I asked a cop ticketing cars later that day why I got ticketed when it had never been a problem before. He told me just to get it off the sidewalk, and kinda stretched the truth and told him that it had been knocked over before. He asked what it was, I said a Honda. His response? "Oh - well, it's not like it's a Ducati or a Harley or something. Doesn't really matter, right?" F*cker. I told him it was vintage, he wasn't impressed.

          I wouldn't expect any sympathy from the NYPD if your ride's not garaged.
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            you could do what i did when i went to myrtle beach..... bring the bike inside with you. LOL!


              i live in manhattan and my theory about a bike on the streets is to minimize the attractiveness of the bike, not the capabilities, and to maximize the protection. my hawk would only be a thing of beauty to other serious riders/ hawk riders if then.

              that being said, the best bet you have for minimizing the attractiveness of that bike, is to keep it covered, and to make whatever locks you use visible. that, and to make it visible that the bike is not just sitting, but being used and looked after.

              there is a good chance you will encounter a "knock over" sometime, so get your sliders and anything else that will protect the bike in place, and consider any money you put into repairs, money you did not spend on a garage.

              good luck.
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                Well I just thought about this myself. That I will have to be dealing with "knock" or more less a push over at my school. Its funny I go to a technical school one of the highest in my state and nation too. But theres people who dont like you and well dont like bikes too..... Its stupied people who have to d>>Ks. I even had some key the hole side my truck while I was in class O well
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                  insure it for $5000 and hope someone steals it. That's the best method.

                  Second best is chaining it to a pole with 1/2" chain. Loop it through the wheels. You a master roundlock. Both are a bit heavy for your average "hungry thief" to be equiped to handle. A thrill thief, if he wants your bike, will get it.
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                    A garage is at least temporarily out of the question...

                    Luckily Manayunk is a decent section of town.

                    I really tried for a garage, but I have a dog, and a place with a garage and a yard is likely $250 more per month...
                    whatsoever your hand should find to do, do it gladly, because there is no work, love, knowledge, or wisdom in the grave...