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    CVT Motorcycle / Scooter

    Has anyone heard of the CF Moto brand?

    I'm thinking about getting one of these hybrid type of bikes for my GF. She hates the whole shifting gears but hates the look of scooters. These bike have CVT and are belt driven. I think it has a lot better potential then a lime-green Ninja 250cc.

    The V3 looks like it takes the styling cues from the BMW GS up front and then somehow morphs into a cruiser.

    The V5 just looks like an old 80's or early 90's standard.

    Here's are some links to the machines I'm talking about. Anyone have any thoughts?

    '89 Hawk GT
    - CBR900 rear shock
    - Corbin Seat
    - Unipod filters
    - Supertrapp Exhaust
    - Smoked-lens JDM Front indicators
    - LED Rear indicators

    The V3 is just funky enough to be cool. I think I like it. How long have they been in business?

    The V5, yeah, looks like an old standard cruiser. Not my bag.
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