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    Number One

    Im just going to do a bit of a Blog on 1989 Canadian Number One and bring her back to where I want her. Over all she is in beautyful shape, verywell taken care of for the last 17 years. A few mods have been done, which I plan on undoing, as in swapping modified parts with stock parts on my other Hawk #5. The subframe was cheaned up in the rear, very nicely done but not for a bike that I want to look stock. The front turn signals are stock ones again, a small brit style cafe headlight peak has been added.

    The rear subframe ( metal ) is now off and ready for the stock subframe from #5 after its freshened up with some silver paint, Went into the junk bin under the house and found a stock chain guard ( with stickers ) and stock licence plate holder/ mudflap. These had been missing or modified. The ultimate goal here is not for bone stock but stock with tasteful period mods, lower bars, corbin gunfighter and supertrapp.

    CHEERS.... Brian