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Another Hawk?

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    Another Hawk?

    I'm debating of buying another Hawk. This one is a different colour. different look...It has alot less km then mine (half) 33000km
    F3 front forks, CBR suspension new sprokets etc
    It's very tempting only cuz mine is being fixed at the garage for 4 weeks now lol.

    Here's my feeling (my wife would roll her eyes at this one, only because she knows I'm serious): stock your garage full of as many bikes as you can afford!!!

    I can't afford more than my one Hawk right now, but I'd love to have "one to ride, one to wrench," let alone multiple bikes!!!!!! I'm still drooling over the BMW K1200R that came out last year... gotta take them up on the offer of a test ride...
    1988 "BlackHawk" project
    1989 "RallyHawk" is Chuck's now!
    1988 "The Gray" Tempest Gray Metallic stocker

    I can't tell you how peaceful it is. Shinya Kimura
    People who know ride Hawks. Riot


      so i went to see the bike and here the story:
      has more km then i thought: 53 000km
      need seat reupholstering. need new gauges, engine gaskets need to be changes, but no emergency.
      It sounds nice due to the kerker pipe. I can pick it up for 1900CDN

      I sat on the BMW and i must say it is very comfy! not to mention sick looking


        OK, I'm guilty. No wife, no kids. Multiple bikes, orgasmic delight.

        I need to wrench the Hawk (fuel delivery problems, perhaps the carbs). However, my main rides are my Beemers (since '83) and I recently had the opportunity to test ride the K1200R Sport. Note: big drool factor when this and the orig K1200R were released.

        It is definitely not a tiwn, esp a big flat twin. I can't compare to modern UJM bikes since I haven't ridden any since '81. However, I found more power on tap than I could comfortably use on the canyon stretch just outside the dealership. Bombing down the straights before the road bends had me backing off the throttle way soon, pulling me thru the curves at around 70mph (I hit these around 80mph later on the F800S 2-cyl with almost 1/2 the horses). The K bike handled very well, was quite smooth, but I felt a bit of intimidation from it and it almost felt anticlimactic not pushing it past 20% potential (just my random figure). Perhaps over a period of time (and familiarity) with the bike I could muster more confidence to push further, but then it would be the limitations of the streets. It would make Tim Taylor and Binford Tools proud, cracking walnuts with sledgehammers.

        I hear there are many of us who derive greater enjoyment from riding slower bikes fast than riding faster bikes slow. Count me in as a staunch member of that group.
        ...remember, traffic signals sync'd for 35mph, are also sync'd for 70mph...

        '88 Hawk (GREY)
        '09 R1200GS (GREY)