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New Ducati 1098 wrecked, one arrested

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    New Ducati 1098 wrecked, one arrested

    I got a call this morning from a buddy of mine in the Detroit area. Last night he pulled up to a stop light on his one week old Ducati 1098, heard some screeching tires, and wham!! was smached from behind. The guy who hit him told him he was sorry and tried to get back in his car. My buddy pulled out his badge and held him for the local P.D. to get there. The guy blew a .36 on the PBT. Over 4 times the legal limit of .08.
    Thankfully my buddy is fine, he's got some bumps and bruises but he's not badly injured. The Ducati on the other hand isn't so great. He just said it was really bad. I won't know more until I talk to him longer. Just a reminder to all to be careful and safe out there.
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    Makes me want to stop riding at night. Shudder.

    Glad he is ok and the guy didn't get away.

    Post pics!
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      Of course this is why they recommend you sit at a light in first gear, watching your mirrors, ready to "flee" at the first site of an oncoming car who doesn't look like he's going to stop. Good survival techique and has saved my butt more than once!

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