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NYC area Hawx... or Birdwatching... OR ...New Jersey plate??

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    NYC area Hawx... or Birdwatching... OR ...New Jersey plate??

    I spend a lot of time driving around Manhattan for work. I occasionally see a Hawk GT around and I only know about 3 or 4 people with them who I would recognize.
    I spotted someone on a Hawk today on LaGuardia Pl. in the Village and then I think the same guy a little while later on 14th st. It was grey and sounded nice (as they all do, but still...).
    If I can remember, I may keep a log here of Hawks I spot and hope to maybe connect some dots.
    We need to get this NYC area thing going and get out there and ride!
    ride Red.

    It wasn't me! I live in the East Village and ride a stock '89. But I have also seen a grey Hawk in my area and asked about it. Nobody seems to know who it belongs to.

    I know of three other people in the city who have Hawks: Marc Brewster and Abe Norfleet, who sold me my bike. he has a beautiful blue track Hawk. There's also a woman uptown who has a cinnamon-colored Hawk, but I haven't yet met her.

    I just got my bike so I'm still riding mostly in the early am except on Sundays. NYC traffic is a PITA.
    '89 Hawk GT


      Martina is the woman who lives on the West Side - she used to keep her cinnamon-colored Hawk in my garage in Queens, back when I lived there. Easiest to find her on the Hawk Listserve at she's a regular there! Has a nice VFR, too. Real nice girl.

      I'd still like to get all the NYC-area Hawkers together...
      1988 "BlackHawk" project
      1989 "RallyHawk" is Chuck's now!
      1988 "The Gray" Tempest Gray Metallic stocker

      I can't tell you how peaceful it is. Shinya Kimura
      People who know ride Hawks. Riot


        Count me in, I'm up in Hawthorne, about 30 minutes north of the Manhattan.
        Flock of Hawks | '13 Tacoma | '69 Falcon (currently getting reassembled!)
        I've spent most of my money on women, beer, cars and motorcycles. The rest of it I just wasted.


          There's also Jay Schwartz (works ~65th & 5th), and the two Hawks that are always out on the corner of...uh...72nd and Madison, I think.

          je, not in NYC no mo'.