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Why not to rush while prepping for spring

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  • Why not to rush while prepping for spring

    So there I was standing in front of my bike after having finally put her back together after a winter of cleaning and replacing parts. I let her crank over for a few minutes without ignition. Then a little more...Well after draining the battery assuming that I just had to wait for the fuel to get back in the system due to the dissasembly it hits me. Oh yeh, the fuel has to be turned ON!! I'm an idiot....
    I thought that was it. So a short charge later, and $50.00 for a new battery after I cooked my old one (a real big idiot) I cranked her again. Ahh the sweet smell of exhaust. But Wait, what is this? I give her gas and she stalls out? Well after several tense minutes of wondering where I went wrong I remembered. I stuffed a glove in the air intake to keep the chipmunk out (and keep the corn and bird seed out as well, the reason for the new filter).
    Ahh... sweet success. The only thing left to do was rev her up and spray the house with corn that the DAMN CHIPMUNK stuffed in the exhaust......
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    Loose the air filter and go for a unipod. The oil from that ought to deter the rodents a little bit more. Feel bad for your baby having to spend a little time in the cold and snow. Make sure you take her out for a good ride to reminder her that you still love her
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