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91'ish F2 Front end - *Questions and a price check*

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    91'ish F2 Front end - *Questions and a price check*

    Oh I have an option to buy a 91 ish F2 front end today. It is the forks, sliders, rattle can spray painted fender, rattle can spray painted wheel, calipers with SS braided lines, speedo cable, supposedly good fork seals, no triples nor after market springs / valves in them.

    What would be good going price for this setup?

    In addition just to confirm, would these forks just slide right in to the Hawk triple tree with no problems? Anything that I am overlooking for swapping out to this front end (F2 brake reservoir)?

    Thanks in advance!
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    $300. Will bolt right up.
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      When I did my F2 conversion I took apart the front brake master cylinders from both bikes to check if the F2 unit was trying to 'push' any more brake fluid than a Hawk unit. The internal piston is identical in both units. You can use the Hawk front brake master no problem. Just get a longer banjo bolt if both lines go to the reservoir.
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