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  • BARN FIND!!!

    Found a neglected -89 Hawk yesterday and bought it for $650

    The old owner did not know much about it - a friend gave it to him - yada yada - and he cranked it over for me just to show is was not froze.

    Well I got it home today and put some gas down the carb throats, and it fired up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It has 89000 miles, and is cosmeticly SHOT!, but it has all of its parts and
    the frame/swingarm/wheels/forks/engine etc... are all spotless!!!!!!

    I now have a project that will hopefully turn into a Track Bike.

    I will post pics soon.

    Also, Any advice on what all to do to get the engine it running condition, what to check for and all that> greatly appreciated.
    I have a good Idea, but all the tips are helpfull.
    '89 NT650 Hawk GT
    '91 CR125
    '99 KX250
    '97 S-10 (AKA Bike Hauler)

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    If your not on the list at get on it. If you are not aware... that site has a ton of info too.
    Good luck, I pulled a Hawk out of a snowbank and traded a $250 AK47 for it, then traded it for work on my Ducati but I am going to buy it back as a project as well.
    BIKES: Honda: RC31 Racebike/ NT650 Streetbike, DUCATI: None at the moment.
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      Here are a couple of pics

      '89 NT650 Hawk GT
      '91 CR125
      '99 KX250
      '97 S-10 (AKA Bike Hauler)


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        Not sure why ur images aren't showing up. Links to them work.

        Eerrr I guess only the first two do....
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          I'm not getting anything.
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