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    first crash

    pardon me if its a little run-ony im all drugged out on hydrocodon.

    cruising around the canyon on 193 up in auburn california with my 2 buddies (tl1000s, cbr1000rr) going slightly over the speed limit do a loop and are on our way back and we are just cruising now actually doing the speed limit ( the friend on the cbr1000rr likes to coast down the turns using his arms to lean[show off :P]) so im goin about 30 around this corner leaned over a small bit not even with the knee out and im going the corner a little wide cuz the middle and right side of the turn are really bumpy/potholy, so you gotta hug the center 2 lines. i sense im going too far out so i slow down by lettin off but im still goin slightly and then i hit the center 2 lanes and the other lane going the opposite way is WAY more f'ed up than the dirt on the side of the road so my front tire is bumping around and since my awesome shock is leaking (its never one thing that causes a crash) the brakes are slippery so my front brakes are useless. and then they lock up. and stay that way even after letting off and reapplying. so im going straight at the guard rail prolly around 25-30mph still and smash my left ankle between the bike and the guard rail and then slide down along the dirt for about ~20 ft?? with my back to the posts on the guard rail (thank god for my camelbak that took most of the splintering and dirt rashing)

    3 dislocated bones in left ankle
    road rash on left leg
    and dime size rash on left shoulder

    helmet is perfect, just a little dirty.
    broken turn signal, mirror, scratched crank case, busted radiator (was just thinking about how wide it stuck out from my bike before the ride go figure)
    tennis shoe thrashed
    shirt and pants cut up by the park ranger who happened by before the ambulance
    2 hrs surgery with pins stickin out my foot

    alot of lessons learned.
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    sorry to hear about this...

    atleast you didnt get hurt worse, and the hawk sounds repairable.

    this is another example of why i really wish i still had some good riding boots... i dont wanna break my ankles.... also, im sick of wearing down the outer toe parts of the soles of my shoes....


      Re: first crash

      Originally Posted by MasterBates
      so my front tire is bumping around and since my awesome shock is leaking (its never one thing that causes a crash) the brakes are slippery so my front brakes are useless. and then they lock up. and stay that way
      alot of lessons learned.
      Sorry to hear that.... but.... don't ride with no brakes!!!
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        Sorry to hear, hope you heal fast! I have been there, crashed a 996 a few years back, going too fast and ended up in someones bumper, my right arm is held together by plates/screws and my wrist was held together by pins...expensive mistake, surgery was about 30K and the bike had about 5K of damage, thanks goodness I had health insurance
        Damn right it's a Hawk GT


          yep health insurance ftw. i got pins holdin my foot together.
          i wish i had the money to buy boots, and now im paying even more cuz i didnt buy em. go figure
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          1988 Honda Hawk NT650 GT


            Id say boots aside, you shouldnt be riding that agressive with a leaking shock????? Im glad you're not seroiusly injured and healing, but learn from this accident, if your ride isnt 100% you cant push it like it is..


              you shouldnt be riding that agressive with a leaking shock????? Im glad you're not seroiusly injured and healing, but learn from this accident, if your ride isnt 100% you cant push it like it is..
              I've got to agree with GTfever, if the bike isn't in top notch order, be careful not to ride it too hard. I am glad to hear your ok, nothing sucks more than to learn the hard way, but sometimes that's how it goes. Just be more careful if you know the bike (or you for that matter) isn't at 100%.
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                Easy to be wise after the event. Bad luck and get well soon.

                I have a thing about riding in at least half-decent boots since an acquaintance lost a couple of toes in a bike smash. When I think about the kit I used to tear around in - 'Brando' jacket (no armour!) bought from the market, really feeble leather trousers (again, no armour) and old army boots.
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                  on the otherhand, im not going to give MasterBates a hard time.... (kiki, get it?)

                  i know id probably be riding like that with the rearshock too.... im stupid like that.


                    well thats the thing when i was riding it hard i was doing better than i usually do, the front brake was working fine, but when i was goin slow cruising the speed limit and hit the really bad part of the road the brake locked up. i SHould have crashed going fast not cruising back down the hill. ironic.
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                      Wow, glad you made it out of that one 'relatively' intact.

                      (on a sadder note, a buddy of mine died last week b/c he went wide and hit a volvo wagon head-on).

                      Ride safe everyone


                        Man sorry to hear about the crash... glad you aren't more hurt. The roads around Auburn are nice... I just went riding in Lucas Valley in marin County. Heal up fast!
                        You know your a hawkaddict when you check ebay and craigslist every hour for parts to upgrade


                          well, i crashed lastnight....

                          .... good thing it wasnt on the hawk. lol.

                          every other tuseday i go out with some guys and race 50s.... most of them are XR/CRF 50s with dunlop road race tires on them... fun fun fun.

                          me being a dumbass, i forgot my jacket.. (i took the car there).. and.. well i rode anyway.... i washed out the front end, and got some nice roadrash on my arm, a spot on my hand (no gloves = stupid BTW) and a spot on my knee where i ripped thru my jeans.... trashed the jeans too. lol.

                          was fun, doesnt hurt.. but i really really should have had my gear on.... right now, my bandages soaked thru, and ive just ruined a perfectly good work shirt.

                          on a more serious sadder note... a guy on the local club had a real accident lastnight.

                          Last night in his truck, a car cut him off and pushed him into another vehicle. There was minor damage. When they pulled over to assess the damages, Jeremy was struck by another vehicle and drug about 80ft.

                          He is currently in the ICU unit of MUSC with a broken leg, broken pelvis, broken foot, broken back, ruptured spleen, and is wearing a halo. He is breathing on his own, but is unable to communicate vocally. He is able to answer yes or no questions with by moving his toes.

                          hes hurt bad, but he should pull thru.


                            jesus christ dude... vehicles are insanely dangerous... i wish him luck.
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                            1988 Honda Hawk NT650 GT


                              heh.... update1:

                              Dana just called. Here's the update.

                              She said a respirator was installed to help him breathe. When they took him down for a catscan and xrays, they removed the respirator. He started coughing up blood. He flatlined and they were able to bring him back. They ceased the scan, moved him back to ICU where he is now stable, reinstalled his respirator, and are still unsure where the fluids are coming from. They don't want to attempt another scan just yet. We were told the next 48hrs are critical.

                              Dana said he's passed out and unable to communicate because of the respirator. I'm going back tonight anyway.

                              update 2

                              hey guys just came home. the details on the accident i gave kat earlier are wrong. however i dont have much time.
                              Jerrmy has had some life threatning complications sence me and kat were there. he has pretty massive internal bleeding and is now in a drug induced coma, he was rececitated on the cat scan table. he is bleeding internaly and untill they can complete a cat scan they dont know from where. i will keep typing untill i have to go.
                              INJURIES so fa
                              broke leg
                              broke pelvis in multi locations
                              class 2 cut on liver
                              class 2 ruptured spleen
                              2 broke vertibre number 1 and 2 {neck}
                              very large cut to right arm
                              road rash everywhere.
                              currently in a halo.
                              needs surgery to repair leg and neck.

                              Jerrmy was heading home from summerville to nchas on I26
                              a silverado was parked under ashley phos no lights flashers nothing in the middle of the interstate.
                              jerrmy had a vehical in front of him. at the last second the vehical swerved to miss the parked car. jerrmy hit the parked car. He was ok with minor injuries. Well he called dana and his parents then got out of his truck to check on the people in the silverado. as he was at the silverado a cammaro slammed into his truck and pushed the silverado and somehow jerrmy went under it. jerrmy was drug for 80ft or so.

                              Jerrmy was doing ok this morning but things have kinda taken a turn. he Does have internal bleeding though the docs this morning didnt think he did. THIS is what may be life threatning. they cant treat what they cant see. and they cant unhook him from the machines long enough to take a cat scan.
                              Sorry folks got to run.

                              things arnt looking too good...
                              i donno the guy that well, but he seemed pretty cool when i met him...