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    Motorway/freeway riding

    Today I took my Bros for a 50 mile trip up the M6 motorway which runs through central England. Ok, today was a fairly windy day but the wind was unbearable above 80mph and that was with my earplugs in. I was sort of relieved it was Friday afternoon rush hour and most of the journey was capped below 70mph. I quite like the wind even up to a 100mph on short bursts, but prolonged exposure for more than 30min straight is torture. I'm just wondering how people like Deftrap who do 90 miles of motorway each day cope with the wind.

    Having never ridden a fully fared bike on the motorway I guessing it makes one hell of a difference having a full faring. I'm wondering if the fly screen I have makes it worse by directing the wind to my head. I guess I'll have to take it off and try a run without it.
    '88 Bros NT650J
    Progressive fork springs, '93 CBR600 F2 fork caps, CBR900RR rear shock, Puig 'Raptor' fly screen
    Fabitappi Monoposto seat cover, Heated grips, Braided brake lines, Buell indicators/turn signals
    Ceramic coated stock headers with custom Yoshi shorty muffler & Muzzy collector

    Yah, I'd say try it without the screen.

    I've been upwards of 100mph on my Hawk with no real trouble with airflow. I haven't got a screen or fairing of any kind. Sure there is wind noise and some resistance against my helmet, but it's not uncomfortable with my riding position. However, I've been on fully faired bikes at those speeds and faster and had horrible buffetting. It seemed the screens were directing the air up at my helmet and it would sometimes be difficult to hold my head still.



      I quite like letting the bike taking its course at 100mph on the motorway.
      The engine feels really strong there like it is made for high speed travelling.

      Also I think its just a matter of getting used to head winds
      or is it Im having a bulls neck now :P

      BTW If there was a fairing out there to yield perfectly windless comfort
      it would be way too big to suit the small bike.

      thats a popular NTV fairing