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I GOT IT!!!!

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    I GOT IT!!!!

    So I made the 8 hour trip out to Falconer, NY where my friend was keeping my Hawk.
    IT IS GOURGEOUS!!! The paint is perfect. I mean I had seen it in pictures but OH MY GOD! I love the thing.
    It had even been sitting since last August, I put the charger on it and It wouldn't start.
    I was about to give up and said "It isn't going to start" Hit the button and VROOM!!
    After it cleared it's throat a bit I ripped it up and down the block, wide open Supertrapp and all! I think I woke up some neighbors, It was about 1030pm.

    So I have some celebratory Guiness, and some shots...
    Pass out..
    Wake up, down some advil, load the bike and drive 8 hours home.

    Now it is in the garage, new speedo cable on the way, cbr 600rr tail on the way, got the Vin checked and gonna register it this week.
    Then I just have to choose between Ducati and Hawk.
    Decisions, decisions, decisions.... I love it!
    BIKES: Honda: RC31 Racebike/ NT650 Streetbike, DUCATI: None at the moment.
    Former MSF Rider Coach / Trackday Instructor/ Expert Roadracer #116
    "I'd rather ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow."

    that's an easy answer hawk duh!

    as soon as i fix up my hawk im probably going to sell my r6.

    there's just something about the hawk that keeps me coming back for more!