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Forks Feel a Little Spongy

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    Forks Feel a Little Spongy

    Just got a hawk and the forks feel a little soft...whats the easiest way to put some new oil in em and possibly swap the springs...also is there a trick to adjust the rear shock...mine seems stuck.
    1989 Hawk Gt

    There's a great write-up on forks oil and seal changing here
    Changing the oils and springs is easy - I recall doing it in the front garden before work one morning - if you're not bothered about getting every last drop of old oil out. Otherwise it's a forks out job, again pretty straightforward but takes longer.

    If the shock's stuck then maybe spray some WD or other light oil on it and heave on the shock spanner.
    '95 ShaftHawk 650P>
    Front: Bros Mk2 front wheel; Mk1 forks; MetalGear disc; NC30 caliper; cb1 yoke.
    Breathing: Hacked up and shortened ART tri-can on collector and link pipe from DemonTweeks.
    Other: RGV bars; DefT dash; modded subframe; modded rearsets; relocated ignition.

    '91 Bros 650 Mk1>
    Currently off the road.


      and if you dont want to wait or spend money on springs there are mods you can do to the forks to make them better

      weld up the oil holes (not all of them)
      cut springs and add longer sppacers

      there are details here on the site just look around
      1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51