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front headlight fairing?

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    front headlight fairing?

    i think you guys know what im talkin about..

    something like this that will spiff the hawk up a lil bit. any kind of visor will work (that doesnt look like it's for an old man.. too big like the one that came with the hawk whew it's huge!!)

    or even something like this..


    im not quite sure if that would look good on a hawk (since it would make the bike look wider)

    all opions welcome!

    or even a whole new headlight setup.. that is not 400+ dollars!

    haha this one is teh sexy

    (where to get brackets as well if that's the case) (that one is kinda big lol, the pict that is)

    i think i might be purchasing a buell cyclone front fairing with the mounting brackets. i dont have my tach/speedo combo that should work.

    if anyone has any other ideas please let me know



      Buell 2000 X1 fly screen

      I just put on a Buell X1 fly screen. The one that is for a 7" diameter headlight and the off set bubble for the speedo. It fits great, works very nicely with the instruments. I picked a carbon fiber one up form Jeremiah at CCF, [email protected] $80 including shipping, no mounting brackets though. I made some from aluminum bar stock.

      these also come up on ebay every so often, Look for the offset buble style though.


        do you have a pict of the offset bubble? carbon fiber sounds cool :d



          OK, I'm not the most tech savvy. How do I post an image. Can I do this if I have a JPEG saved? Not sure how to use the Img* button.

          I can also email them to you. I would be passing on the ones that were sent to me. I wish I could send you a pic from my bike. The fly screen fits very nicely, like the pic of the Buell you posted, no gap between headlight and screen.



            Go to this link:-

            its free to register. Once you are logged in just follow the instructions
            when you picture is loaded onto the photobucket site you will have 3 links
            under your picture URL, TAG, IMG highlight the IMG link and copy and paste it to the Hawk GT Forum.
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              Thanks for the help! You probably already got these but I thought I would try out the image post.

              This screen is like the one on the buell in your original post and looks identical when placed on the Hawk. Hard to see any other screen fitting any nicer


                I'm late to this thread, I realize, but I have a Dale Walker HP flyscreen that I wouldn't mind selling. Hand lain fiberglass, I'm told. I trimmed it down to the point that it just clears the clocks, but I'm still not personally fond of the way it looks. I just prefer the naked style. I'll be happy to sand/prime it for you, too.

                My screen:

                From HP website (mine's about 1.5" shorter than this):
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                  New Images of X1 Screen

                  Nice screen ACarlson, I would have probably bought it if I didn't just pick up this one. This is the screen from CCF made for the Buell X1 2000. Just thought I would post for toyotafj40s.