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sv650 encounter..

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  • sv650 encounter..

    haha my friend went to look at an '04 today... it was this bike right here to be exact.

    i parked my hawk down the driveway (blue gas tank black fender red rear cowl) (lol getting paint done next week sometime)

    anyway i was like i love vtwins just like my hawk.. the guy was like what kinda bike is that.. im like it's a cult bike.. then i listed off all of the mods to impress him (haha)

    cbr front end progressive front springs and rear supertrapp exhaust, jet kit, barnett's kevlar racing clutch, timing advancer hahah.. 900rr clip ons, custom racing rear sets haha it was so much fun.

    then i was like enough about my bike this sv is perty cool. the guy was like wow never heard of taht bike b4.

    i dunno if my buddy is going to get the sv or not. if he found a hawk he would definately get it though he loves how beef the hawk is haha. anyways just thought it would be funny. that's the first time i bragged about the hawk and it was fun