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    ADVICE #2...

    First off, this forum is awesome! Thank you all for your help. From all the help I finally purchased my first bike and it is an 88 Hawk. Pics are below. Thank you all

    It's got 44,000 miles, but just had it's tune up, oil change, new tires, new fork seals, and a corbin seat. I purchased it for $2400 in the SF BAY AREA (aka; Marin County). Do you think it was a good deal?

    I also posted some pictures of what i would like to fix, any advice would be great. There is a small hole in the exhaust that (I think makes it back fire) I don't know if I should just plug it up (sauder) or just get a new one. Then there is also a little corrosion, any ideas how to get ride of it.

    Sorry for the spelling, I'm going fast and eager to hear your opinions and advice.

    Thanx all.

    '88 Hawk GT

    Welcome aboard.

    To post pics, you need a picture hosting site, such as photobucket, imageshack, etc. You then copy and paste from the image hosting site the IMG address/es into the text for any pics you want to show up. They'll have tutorials/faqs on how to do this if you need it.

    Oh, and put the pictures in a thread in the pics forum.



      I use the that SkinnE mentioned, its really easy and it walks you through the steps.
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        thank you...

        Lets see if this works...

        '88 Hawk GT


          Nice bike. Btw, if you are referring to that hole at the back of the exhaust it is meant to be there to expel any condensed vapour / liquid. Don't plug it up .
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            You can polish (google polishing aluminum) it out to a nice reflective aluminum shine and then either coat it (removes some shine) or just keep up cleaning the oxidation off of it.

            The other suggested route would be to have it powder coated.

            The least desirable would be to rattle can paint it.
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              What do you suggest for coating polished aluminum to keep it from oxidizing?
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                Originally Posted by sfd620
                What do you suggest for coating polished aluminum to keep it from oxidizing?
                i have herd car wax will help but is not bullet proof. and still requires work from time to time.

                there is also clear powder coats now, ive never investigated this myself.

                clear varnish but i herd that turns yellow with time.

                i would think theres a auto paint produce like a clear coat paint thats designed to be applied directly to a aluminum surface. but never looked into this idea. that would be a good idea if it exists.

                i want a polished out hawk so when people bring this up i allways listen.
                i remeber doug saying something about this a wile back.

                googled it
                Everbrite Coatings will restore and protect metal from corrosion, oxidation,fading, rust. Prevents tarnish, oxidation or corrosion on copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel, silver, aluminum, anodized aluminum

                and yes there are clear powder coats out there and that would be the best way to do it in my opinion but also the most costly.
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                  If you are made of money you can get new covers:

                  I have polished my wheels, forks and plan on doing some more. I didn't apply anything other than wax and I already have some corrosion starting up (and I live far from salt air). So next time around I will apply a clear coat.

                  Nice looking bike. I bet a bodyshop could get that dent out without wrecking the paint.
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                    Originally Posted by sfd620
                    What do you suggest for coating polished aluminum to keep it from oxidizing?
                    if you have the money?

                    zoopseal... it'll stay pretty forever.. lol.