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    Spare Hawk Key

    Any tips on getting a copy of my Hawk key? I've tried a few key cutting places and they didn't have a matching blank, not suprised.


    Keep trying. Home Depot couldn't help me, but the guy at a tiny place on 23rd St. near the Flatiron Bldg. in NYC took one look at it and said, "Honda, right?" - then just ran off a copy like he saw Hawk keys every day.
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      the Stealership near me ordered some in and a copy was less than $10...I had to wait a week for him to get some blanks in...but he said..."I should have that blank in stock anyway!" and ordered 10 in and told me to come in in a week and he cut me a key!....I didn't want the only key I had which was the code key to be the one in regular use.....I'd rather to relagate it to emergency back up use and to be able to cut future keys from it!


        Ya most stealerships should be able to cut you one.... prices will vary. A good lock smith should have a blank for you too.
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          I didn't even have a key for my project bike.

          I went to the locksmith with the ignition and he cut me 2 keys form the key code on it.

          $6.50 for 2.


          If you want I can take your code to him and mail you a key.
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