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Wow, Racetech Valve Emulators are REALLY GOOD!

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    Wow, Racetech Valve Emulators are REALLY GOOD!

    I know many of you already know that the Racetech Valve Emulators are good but WOW, I just want all of you who don't know realize that this is a HUGE improvement over the stock setup. The other good part is that they don't cost a whole bunch of money.

    JD Hord completely disassembled my front forks and replaced the seals, bushings and of course installed the valve emulators and some Racetech springs as well as some Belray fork oil. He did a great job and I feel like I'm riding a much more modern bike now. I'm cornering with much more confidence and it made an already fun bike much better. Kudos to Racetech with their ingenious emulators and to JD for being a top notch guy for working on bikes and just a great person to do business with. (why can't all companies be like this?)


    I did mine in stages (about 10 years apart). First was the springs. As a new rider (and the list and this site didn't exist) I used an article in CycleWorld "Project HawkGT" as a guide in the early 90s. They suggested Progressive springs.

    About 10 years later, I tore the legs apart and installed the emulators. Biggest difference!! Mainly just having the high speed damping. But all around a better ride!
    88 HawkGT (original owner)
    99 Concours
    02 VFR800