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Wasp in the face, not fun

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    Wasp in the face, not fun

    Hey guys,

    So this was really interesting today, I was doing about 30mph or so on a very busy 6 lane road, and WAM! a bug, big bug smacked the front side of my helmet near my cheek and when inside my helmet on the right side of my face...I felt it buzzing and crawling around on the back of my head and then it proceeded to walk/buzz up to my right ear..."Hoy Crap" I thought, I started shaking my helmet trying to get it away from my ear, b/c at this point I didn't know what it was, but as soon as it touched my ear, that was it, I turned on my blinker and stopped in the center lane and ripped my helmet off as fast as I could...F'in wasp flew out!!! I don't know how he didn't sting me, or what would have happened if he would have...Anyway this was a new one for me, be careful out there, has anyone had this happen to them?

    Damn right it's a Hawk GT

    I had this happen a few years ago. I used to ride with sunglasses and my clear face sheild up so I could feel the breeze, smell the country side.

    My Girlfriend at the time and I were riding along and a bee flew right in and went up the side of my sunglasses. It was buzzing around my right ear, I am trying to shake and poke it out and stuff when...WHAM it stung me right on the ear.

    I came to a very fast stop on the side of the road (to the suprise of my girlfriend) took my helmet off and killed the lil sob,

    My ear stung like heck. Went to the next Gas station, crushed up some aspirin with my teeth to make a paste (yuck) and stuck some on my ear (It is all I had) And it worked almost immediately!

    Now I ride with my shield down.

    Glad it didn't bite you!
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      Same deal with me, cruising down the street at about 35mph or so, wasp flew right down my shirt, stung me in the chest then i smashed it underneath my shirt and had some bug juice, worst sting i've ever had actually


        i was going to work one time, back roads...

        i had on some olive green, heavy canvas cargo pants.. nice thick tough pants.

        i was crusing, around 60mph when WHAM. i felt a sharp pain in the inside of my thigh.
        i looked down, and there was a bee, splattered on my pant leg, but his hind end was thru the canvas.. and into my leg.

        i had friggen goosebumps... drove 5mins until i reached the nearest store... went inside, and had to go in the bathroom and try to remove a stinger with my fingernails.

        i couldnt get it.

        i ended up having to ride with it the rest of the way to work, where i could get some tweezers and a needle to get it out.. it was in deep..

        the whole ride there, i had goosebumps/shivers.. it was a unique feeling of pain... unlike getting hit or something, it was always there throbbing..

        yea, i know what you mean... i love doing the visor up, glasses on thing too.. i know i shouldnt, but sometimes, espically in slower traffic, i find myself doing it.
        my sunglasses have the pits in it to show...


          oh, hows this one... several years ago.

          im fuggin around on back roads with a group of equally crazy riders... im cruising at around 110.
          i do a look back to make sure noone is overtaking me (trust me, im the slow one here.. lol) and when i flip my head back...

          whip. my shield goes up from the wind.. i just switched back to the clear visor, and i must have adjusted the latch click thing wrong..

          i turn my head forward, and SPLAT...
          i kill a decent size bug, right on my sunglasses...

          i mean, thats basiclly splatting on my eye..

          im SOOOOOOOOOOOO glad, i wore my glasses under my helmet that day.. otherwise id probably have lost that eye.

          i had to pull over and wipe the glasses off, just so i could see. lol


            lets see

            i was riding at night and it was hot
            i was riding with my visor up for a few minutes wile we did a bunch of stop and go.
            i was only doing 20 or so and a small fly flew right into my eye and some how it got stuck in between my eye lid and my eye ball

            i felt it has i frantically blinked to work it out, didn't work. so i sucked it up and waited till i got home. the hole time feeling this lil thing in my eye. got home and went strait to a mirror and pulled my eyelid back and grabbed it. that sucked

            one other time i had my jacket zipped up all the way but a bee made it in some how and was crawling around in my chest hair (one of the rare times that hair helped me) i pulled over took my jacket off and pulled my shirt away from my body and it flew away.
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              Years ago when I had my Bros 400 I was riding to the south of France, blasting down the autoroute and suddenly felt a very sharp pain in my back, then another and another. Pulled up very quickly (it bloody hurt!!) ripped my jacket off and heard a very angry buzzing, a wasp must have gone down the back of my jacket and then got a little p****d with me!! My mates wondered what the hell was going on when I threw my jacket on the floor and jumped on it . They all thought it was hilarious....gits.

              Got hit in the visor by an enormous bee too, looked like a bloody tennis ball coming at my face

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                Originally Posted by Foghorn Leghorn
                Got hit in the visor by an enormous bee too, looked like a bloody tennis ball coming at my face

                i donno about the rest of you, but when i splat a big bug on my helmet like that, i kinda laugh a little.

                i think thats the twisted side of me coming out.. lol.


                  Been stung twice. Once one flew down my shirt. The other time, one hit my helmet with the visor just cracked open a little. The stinger part embedded into my forehead.
                  Brian - Richland, WA
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                    no bee stings, but one very early morning while on my way to the race track at the crack of dawn, I hit something huge and it was full of green stuff. yuk!!! it hit dead-center on my face shield and proceeded to run back both sides...

                    I never even saw it coming, don't know what it was. at this point I pulled off at the nearest gas station before I barfed and got one of those squeegee things to wash it off. dang it was nasty! thank god for full-face helmets. I assumed it was some sort of overly-large moth.
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                      Week before last I went out for a little night-time ride. 2 lane-country road, going ~50-55.. a freaking suicidal bat swoops down and hits me right in above the face shield of my helmet!

                      Scared the living sh*t out of me! Stopped and looked around for it, but never saw it, and it didn't even leave a mark on my helmet.


                        Well, I don't have a bee story, but a couple of weeks ago, I was out on the backroads flyin around and had stopped and taken off with my visor half open.... I LOVE how you can spot a bug what seems like 50-100 yards in front of you and still can't manager to avoid it... but a bug of SOME sort flew straight up my right nostril - at about 50 mph. Well, I jerked my head of course, prompting the visor to close nice and tight! I ended up pulling over completely to "shoot" the little bugger out. Felt freaky as hell more than anything... I'm sure the bug had an interesting experience as well...

                        And is it me or do the butterflies hurt the worst when you hit them?
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                          Originally Posted by Logicus
                          And is it me or do the butterflies hurt the worst when you hit them?
                          See, I'm all ready with my story, and then you provide the lead-in.

                          My friend Paul moved to CO, and he always wore open-face helmets, despite my best efforts at convincing him to wear a full-face. I rented a bike to ride along with him, and we were toolin' through St. Vrain canyon or around there, and he gets to a straight part & opens up a little...then wobbles...then pulls over. I get to him, and he's crying. Weeping. He got bitch-slapped by a Monarch butterfly.

                          Pretty soon, I'm laughing enough that I'm crying, too.



                            Originally Posted by Doc
                            crushed up some aspirin with my teeth to make a paste (yuck) and stuck some on my ear (It is all I had) And it worked almost immediately!
                            That is seriously good to know, Doc... thanks for that!
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                              About a month ago I was on the way to work and felt a bug hit me in the neck. No big deal I thought, hit bugs all the time.... 2 HOURS later I'm sitting at my desk and out of nowhere there's this godawful sting in the back of my neck followed by buzzing. I reach back to remove the stinging buzzing thing and find a yellow jacket. He must've gotten stunned when I hit him and settled between my neck and shirt collar, he was definately pissed when he came to.