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Buell windscreens... ebay brings out the worst in people...

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    Buell windscreens... ebay brings out the worst in people...

    So I recently bought a buell cyclone windscreen to fit my hawk... I guess I got lucky b/c I saw it for $25 Buy it now and jumped on it. I of course was watching 2 other auctions... one for a buell blast windscreen and another for another buell cyclone windscreen. I REALLY hope it was no one from this forum who was bidding, b/c BOTH of those windscreens sold for above $70! One of them didn't even have brackets. These things RETAIL for $59.95, I kid you NOT at the Harley store! P/N M1600.TMAH (part #). WHat is it about ebay that makes people want to pay a lot more than the part is worth?? Is it really the fact that someone is trying to beat you at something? You hate losing? (I don't mean you the reader I mean the bidders). People can be so compulsively ridiculous sometimes.
    ANother thing too... I recently won another windscreen and paid a lot less than it was worth due to the fact that the seller was new to ebay and didnt' advertise it right (the title just listed "Honda Hawk"). I won it for drastically less than it was worth. The seller had GREAT communication with me before the auction ended answering all of my questions. THEN, after I win it he totally avoids me just because he doesn't want to sell it to me now b/c he didn't get enough money for it! He claims in one of his emails a few days afterwards that his internet is down! Well now 9 days later, he still does not answer my emails to try and get a final price so I can pay him for the windscreen. If you are on this forum... please PLEASE stop dodging me and and honor the agreement that you contracted yourself into by selling on ebay. And if you are reading this post... OBVIOUSLY you have internet connection! So be a respectable person and email me back!

    Okay I'm done... sorry for the rant...
    You know your a hawkaddict when you check ebay and craigslist every hour for parts to upgrade

    Slightly off topic, but does anyone know of a less-costly online source for Buell parts?

    I need a bigger garage.

    It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it.


      i got my windscreen for around 70 shipped.... mmmmmmm windscreeenn ahahahahhahahaa
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