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saw a picture of a hawk the other night, now I can't find it

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    saw a picture of a hawk the other night, now I can't find it

    I was browsing the other night and I saw this really nice modded bike.

    the picture looked like it was in a multistorey car park, red bike, single seat and had a real tidy rear end with nice clearance around the rear wheel.

    I know that this is a really bad description but I am hoping someone can put me out of my misery!

    I have searched and searched and its starting to get to me

    Don't worry . I'm sure you 'll see the bike again when you least expect it ....

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    BROS 400 owners :


      If it had a X2 fairing, then that would be Mr. Dude's bad ride.
      Rich G



        OVLOVDER BIKE!!!

        the give away was the parking garage

        look for posts with his name should narrow it down for ya.
        1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51


          yep it is the ovlovder! (and just like dudes too)
          need details on the mods done to that bike!



            Gonna be a long list according to my novice eye.


              im pretty sure he started with a stock bike

              and didnt do anything with the motor so you can see everything

              front to rear
              rc51 front end
              buell fly screen
              two brothers exhaust with a shortened can
              vfr rear rim
              hyper form rear subframe and cowl
              i cant remeber what pegs he had i think r1
              and maybe uni pods and jetting... o and a ohlins rear shock i could be wrong with that one.

              thats all the major stuff and you will figure out the details as you go.
              and dudes is sim but a little different

              i cant remember who bought ovlovder's bike.
              1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51


                and some carbon fiber parts
                front fender and fly screen

                well that could be me thinking thats how i would do it
                1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51


                  i hate to say it, but my bike is a copy of his.. lol

                  he did his first. i saw it, and well.... without a doubt, its influenced mine a bit.


                    btw, thats an old pic... ive cleaned it up alot more since then.. lol


                      I saved that and a few other pics of that bike to my hard drive. I've drooled over it quite a bit!
                      Mr. Dude, it's a good one to take inspiration from...
                      Rich G


                        Nice taste in mods, guys! Everytime I see one with front end and tail mods, I ask myself why I can't be a little more patient and keep saving up for a nice Hawk.

                        I just have a hankering for a bike right now and spring seems so far away.....
                        '99 Ducati 748 with a 996 conversion


                          Looks very similar to Hords except w/o the front fairing. Nice bike!


                            Yeah, the VFR rear wheel is the newer 5.5" 5-spoke jobbie...

                            CRG mirrors...

                            I'd think there was an aftermarket shock, but I can't quite make it out. However, the bike is at the stock attitude on the sidestand, so either it's a stock Hawk shock, or he added a block to "drop" the sidestand (unless he found an aftermarket sidestand)...

                            Also looks to have an RS250 rear master cylinder resevoir (or facsimile thereof).

                            I need a bigger garage.

                            It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it.


                              stock rear master.. but its on aftermarket rearsets, with a piece of thick translucent hose for the reservoir