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Did some plastice repair this weekend

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    Did some plastice repair this weekend

    Here a links to the pics I will post up some info later. Im going to sleep now so catch you all later

    not sure how the the tab will hold up. got to finsh it up later. I want to take the bike out for a ride and get some pics for the scavenger hunt. I post them pics up too. so go take a look at them.
    A Link to the pics I have taken for the 2007 Scavenger hunt.

    lol looks like my fender, both back mounting tabs are broken off, id like to see how this goes, and some mroe info.
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      just a idea

      i noticed the stuff your using has a working time of 90 minutes and sand time of 4 hours.

      use this 5895, working time is only about 5 minutes and sanding time is about 20 minutes. the project moves along alot faster

      im doing to the same thing right now with mine plus a few other things.
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        Repair Plastic is the best stuff IMO, but then it's all I've ever tried. Comes highly recommended from the Hawk List, though.
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          The only thing I will use to fix bodywork can be found at the Home Depot in the plumbing section !!

          Factory bodywork (black plastic) is almost always ABS plastic - same as drain pipe in homes. I use ABS solvent cement, the one for gluing pipes. Nothing works better. If the pieces fit together without buckling, just the put glue in the crack area only, hold....wait....wait... Just as strong as if it had never been broken. No need to bulk out the plastic with extra material, either.

          If a piece is cracked, but not broken completely, and the one end is a little distorted from the bend, just drill a pin hole, to relieve the stress. You'll have to fill that hole later, but trust me, this is the easiest and best repair.

          I've fixed fairings without having to remove stickers, and the only thing you can see when I has done was the line of the crack, with a little yellow colour from the glue.

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            the stuff I used is stuff you can heat (blow dryer) to make harden faster.

            you can also can glue bed sides on with it too and any metal pannals. They use it in automotvie shops. I had some left from when I had worked on my truck with doing the patch pannels. You need the special gun I used. Its about $50 for a cheap on and the one I have in the pics is over $100. I get to take it home from my school. The other stuff works fine too. Never tried it but 3m stuff is great stuff. I still have to finsh the tab I made. Got to drill the hole in it. O well Im going to eat dinner
            A Link to the pics I have taken for the 2007 Scavenger hunt.