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I found a way for Texans to use the sides of their tires!

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    I found a way for Texans to use the sides of their tires!

    For free even!

    The yellow ring is a clockwise "loop" and the red is counterclockwise. I put it together just to test out a bike I'm working on...but I made a bunch of laps with mine...I think like 50. Never left first gear...I need a bigger parking lot. There's a little gravel out so you get a good "nerve" test at it, though...

    .13 miles in it's entirety. (right click, save as, please)

    Soma gave it a good whack when he dropped by to pick up his bike (which I hope to see a good post about before too long :thumbup )......I'm almost as good as he is :hail :laugh

    Yeah...and I'm being a squid.
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    reminds me a lil bit of event put together by Buell for 1st and sometimes 2nd gear manuevering...kinda like a 2 wheeled autocross event where people would compete against the clock....the laps were mid 30 second times and there was some hard competition out there...Buell wanted to get riders to use some discipline and example the excellent turning ability of their event I went to once was swooped apon by some motard parking lot and go-kart track racers who just rocked everybody showing what motard machines can do and are all about!...I think the only machine that came close to being on par with em was one of the event organizers who decided to try out a Buell Blast to see if he could do some match sliding of the rear and get times down in the name of Buell....belt drive doesn't unfortunatley allow for good power sliding of the he had to use rear brake manuever slides....was still great to watch!


      ahah nice track Makenzie.It actually looks fun to try.If you ever come out to Idaho let me know..we have a few amazing roads
      *day dreams off about yesterday*


        Ahhh ya yesterday was a beautiful ride. It was nice to warm up the tires all the way to the edges.

        This how I like to use the sides of my tires
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