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differences between nt400 (bros) and nt650

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  • differences between nt400 (bros) and nt650

    hey, new member here and a potential bros owner, but since they are imports, information for them is scarce.

    How much commonality does the 400 share with the 650? Is everything mechanically the same (except for engine of course). Is the frame, wheels, etc the same?

    My one reservation is availability of parts, since its a grey market, but if its the same as the 650 then it's not too bad.

    Also, the guy selling it said the rims are too narrow for radials. I don't believe him and it seems they fit 650's fine.



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    the 2 bikes are exactly the same, its even the same engine and carbs but the 400 has sleved down barrels and smaller jets in the carbs, and that is it!
    theres a few places in the UK that specialise in the Bros, Wemotos are one and they are excellent for mail order!
    buy one you wont regret it! i got my better half one for her 1st bike and i loved it so much i got a 650 for myself as well as my blade!


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      I have a bros 400 1988 and although it needs a bit of tlc (which im working on) its reliable the only problem I could metion Is the small fuel tank but that can be fixed
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        thanks for the comments.

        its reassuring that the bike is the same as the 650, so im not out of luck for parts, even tho the 650 is kinda rare anyways.

        are there any places in north america that have hawk/bros parts?


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          Originally Posted by rice.daddy
          are there any places in north america that have hawk/bros parts?
          Pretty sure Steve Lenac in New Jersey has most of the Hawk parts that are left...on any continent.

          [email protected]

          Good luck...



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            Or at:

            [email protected]
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              Either way, he answers both...he just got back from a long trip, but he'll get back to you.