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ahh help with coolant filling !!

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    ahh help with coolant filling !!

    Ive been in the process of taking the rad and fan off my bike and respraying them as they looked tired and rusty, now they are all back on the bike Ive tried to refill the coolant system but it only fills up very slightly then overflows from the overflow pipe.
    Ive got a 650 Bros is there another place other than the resevoir under the seat that im supposed to fill it up from?
    Ive tried letting the motor tick over for a few mins to see if the thermostat opens up etc but nothing, i cant get any more water into the system than what the resevoir is holding and this is a tiny amount
    Ive looked on the net for a manual but cant find any and im still waiting for a ebay auction to end for a NTV manual so im fuxored !!
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    Yes, you fill it up from the top of the radiator - at the radiator cap.

    You must take the tank off to see this cap.

    from there, it will completly fill the radiator, then when full it will over flow into that tank under the seat.
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