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    Things to look for before buying...

    Hey all -

    I am going to inspect a 1988 Hawk GT 647 for a potential purchase, but wanted to get some advice on the things to ask about and look for. I searched for an FAQ or archive of information but came up empty-handed.

    It has 10,000 miles.

    What are the typical points of failure/problems that I should inspect closely or test? If you were going to buy this bike, what would you look at or be concerned about?

    Here's a pic, just in case it helps:

    Prompt responses and advice are greatly appreciated - I'd like to look it over in the next 2-3 days but I don't want to view it until I've been properly prepped

    Thanks all!


    I just found this in the Mechanical forum:

    Good info in there... anyone have anything else?


      Check this link

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        Dude, it's a Hawk with 10K miles on it. Buy it. Assuming that it hasn't sat for ages or been neglected, any problems it has can be dealt with. You won't be disappointed.
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          How much?
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