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    Originally Posted by Swipe
    I was looking out of the window on my front door the other day that looks out onto the road and actually saw a teenage kid on a scooter ridng bareback / barechested (sans T-shirt) with just a helmet, shorts and sandals. I had to double take as I couldn't quite believe what I'd just seen.
    Yeah, well that aint $hit!! I was at my sister's house the other day and her neighbors were riding back and forth on the road all day long, switching from old POS cruisers to dirtbikes to quads. All of them were wearing shorts.... and tennis shoes. Nothing else... no shirt, no gloves, no helmets, no glasses. They were haulin a$$ up adn down the chip and seal road. I even saw two of them (both guys) riding some kind of old chopper TOGETHER. Yeah... they looked pretty tough.


      My absolute minimum is a textile jacket with armor, jeans, gloves, work boots and a full face helmet. My wife (when she was still my girlfriend) wanted to ride pillion so I bought her gear. She didn't like it, but I wouldn't let her get on the bike without it. Then one day while driving on the Palisades Parkway, a woman on a Harley in front of us clipped a curb at 65mph. She was wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and one of those stupid brain-bucket helmets. I pulled the car over and called 911, my wife jumped out to see if she could help. The woman was badly mutilated, one of her breasts mostly torn off, road rash bleeding from everywhere, broken leg, teeth knocked out. And she was conscious.

      When we finally got back in the car, my wife looked at me and said "I'll never get on the bike without my gear."
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