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Textile or leather?

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  • Textile or leather?

    I am thinking about buying a set of pants sometime in the future but havent decided on textile or leather. I went with leather on the jacket because it just felt like it would do a better job at protecting me..Do any of you ride with textile pants on street rides?? Have any of you wrecked in textile gear?

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    Textile gear is usually more comfy but isn't nearly as protective, or re-crashable. I have crashed in the same leathers 3 times. Textiles are usually only good for one crash.

    Whatever you will wear most often is an important decision too.


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      I gotta vote for protection over comfort, so I wear leather, full leathers. I have crashed in them and they literally saved my ass. It is still there where it is supposed to be rather than smeared down 80 ft of road. The adage "dress for the crash" seems wise, and I just am wary of the textile stuff not being tough enough if the worst should happen. Also leather can be more economical, as it can survive a get off, where as the textile is more like disposable protection and will need to be re-purchased, assuming it's performance meets expectations. If it doesn't, then you'll be buying leather at that point, so the economy will be lost.
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        Yea, I think you're making a good point hawk. I think i may buy those extra thick jeans for messing around locally, no real trip, and then maybe get a pair of leather pants for longer rides..I was just questioning textile pants or leather for those longer rides.


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          I ride with textile, basically cause I can't afford leathers just now. I like leathers, and want some, but pricey...I'll get some next though, that's on my shopping list after the cheap hawk and boots!
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            Hmm . . .in my geek-mind daydream I imagine that moniker will catch on, and people here at home will just start calling me "Hawk" . . . .
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              LOL. You are Hawk to me from now on, if it makes you feel good. Most people I meet from online I actually call by their handle, its just easier!