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If Steve McQueen Had a Hawk

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    If Steve McQueen Had a Hawk

    posted to the List yesterday:
    If Steve McQueen Had a Hawk, by JD HORD, notorious Forum celebrity lurker:

    "If Steve McQueen had a Hawk, it would look stock except for bars under the triples and a BRG paint job. It would have a Supertrapp exhaust and 700 kit with mild cams. He'd ride it around San Francisco jumping down the streets. He'd take it across the Golden Gate- weaving around the cones into oncoming traffic to make passes- and head to Sears Point. (it is Sears Point dammit, not Infineon Raceway) Steve would race Lightweight Twins in AFM and kick everybody's ass. Then he'd go back toward San Fran, stopping at the Presidio for a cigarette down on the beach, and watch the tide go out. He'd stomp out the butt of the cigarette in the sand, hop on the Hawk, go back across the bridge and eat at that little Mexican joint in Corte Madera- the tiny one right along the main drag with all the little bottles of hot sauce around the walls. Then he'd ride over to Hwy 1 and find a place to sleep in the grass along the ocean. Yeah, that's what Steve McQueen would do if he had a Hawk."
    1988 "BlackHawk" project
    1989 "RallyHawk" is Chuck's now!
    1988 "The Gray" Tempest Gray Metallic stocker

    I can't tell you how peaceful it is. Shinya Kimura
    People who know ride Hawks. Riot

    I'm sure Steve would work in a bit of hawk leaping over barbed wire action, at some point in the day!