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    Ever had a get off?

    Have any of you ever wrecked your bike? Lets here your story!
    I was out by a place called Robinson Park for a short country-ish ride in the evening with a friend, the road has some nice turns in it but it is a little bumpy, but it can be a nice relaxing ride. We had turned around and we were on our way back, I admit we definately wernt doing the speed limit. I came into a corner abit too fast and hit the gravel on the outside edge of the turn. I remember thinking right before everything went black "Oh SHIT". Anyway, I guess its one of those survival things, your body just shuts down for a second. My left side landed on the road for a second with the bike, the bike quickly went off the road in the heart of the turn and stopped dead. I kept going (though I have no recollection) and bounced off sidee of the mountain(the road was dug through the side of a mtn) and landed back half in the street half in the ditch about 15 or 20 feet away. My body came back to life to one of my friends telling me not to move. I laid there for a moment until I could feel pain all around my body. My right shoulder seems to have taken almost all the abuse from the wreck. You can always tell something is wrong when you slightly move something and you can hear/feel things in your body grinding together.
    I was wearing a full faced helmet, a leather jacket with elbow, shoulder, and spine pads. I was also wearing a nice pair of joe rocket sonic gloves. Leather boots and jeans. I ended up with just a little rash on my right leg(from after i hit the mtn i believe) and nice bruise on the left of my ass.
    My buddy helped me get my jacket off while people were on the way to come get me and my bike. My shoulder was hanging about 2 or 3 inches too low compared to my other shoulder and with the jacket off you could see the bump under my shirt of the bone pushing against my skin.
    I broke my Clavical/distal clavical (clavical is your collerbone) The weird thing is when you break your collar bone you break it in the thinnest spot close to your neck kind of. I broke mine near the edge of my shoulder. I went to the ER and they couldnt do anything for me, I got x-rays there and it looked like there was 1 or 2 breaks so they gave me some pain killers and recommended a surgeon if I wanted, if not they gave me some physical therapy notes. The one thing the ER Doc did do for me was write down that it was and interesting/not normal break on my sheet, so when the surgeon got the records from the hospital he saw me that very day. I went and had a ct scan done and it showed abit more than 2 breaks. The surgeon loaded me up with hydrocodine and told me to come back in a week for more xrays and to get ready for surgery if I wanted to get back full use of my shoulder and miss out on the arthritis type pain the rest of my life. Needless to say I went into surgery 2 weeks later and when he opened me up there was 14 peices of bone floating around in there. He did an experimental thing with me so instead of getting a huge steel plate in my shoulder with pins and screws holding my bones together and then having another surgery in 3 months he instead did it with string that disolves in three months. He drilled holes in all the bones and wrapped them all together, pulling my collar bone back down about an inch and into place. The surgery was about 3 hours and I spent a luxurious 3 days 2 nights in pain in the hospital. SO! Thats my story.
    Here are some pics you can click to..
    This is before surgery, a little blury but you can see the bump and lop sided shoulder.

    This picture is a little graphic. This is in surgery.

    Another in surgery pic..graphic..

    And here was me a few days after getting released from the hospital:

    So, I wanna hear about some of your wrecks!

    Holy cow!! Boy, good thing you had good gear on, I don't think we'd have a Hawk Forum if you didnt!

    I used to cook the twisties a little too fast (still way slower than anyone quick), but that was way too quick for my skill level. My crash happened up on 120. I was goin along, having fun, and got behind a truck, who eventually pulled over and let me pass. So I gassed it up and took off, went through a couple little bends and got into a left hander too hot. Part of the problem were the bumps before the turn that delayed my lean-in so I might have just turned in too late, but I suspect some kind of oil or something that I didn't see. Basically, my boot started scraping the ground, which wasn't new, and then all of a sudden so was my shoulder. I started thinking "I don't think I have shoulder sliders...But I don't think my shoulder should be sliding!" Then I saw some sparks and heard that nasty metal/plastic on asphalt sound and thought, as I was sliding down the road, "Oh, damn it, that totally sucks, I hope my bike doesn't get too damaged!!"

    I was probably going about 30 and wearing some good gloves and mesh gear otherwise. The bike and I slid off the road into some light gravel and just stopped. I have no idea how I got that lucky. There was about 2 or 3 feet of gravel before the guard rail, and neither of us touched it. I stood up, hit the kill switch, and got the bike on her kickstand all before the truck I just passed drove by. I somehow only ended up with a broken left mirror (bar ends), a bent shift lever, a scratched engine, and a scratched up cowl. I was able to sand out the scratches in the cowl and repaint it (looks like new), replaced the mirror, got new rearsets now, and the only hint that I was down now are the scratches on the case. And my gear held up totally fine, even being mesh!! The jacket (Joe Rocket Phoenix) got worn down a little on the shoulder and elbow pads, and my pants were some type of mesh Firstgear things that scuffed a little on the knee pads and tore in a couple of other places, just from the stress pulling on the seams. But it's all still wearable, and I still wear it around the city on hot days. Even torn it's better than no gear, and I can't afford new stuff just yet!

    So that's mine, Lady Luck saves the day again with her luckiness
    I know I dreamed you,
    A sin and a lie.
    I have my freedom,
    But I don't have much time.
    Faith has been broken,
    Tears must be cried.
    Let's do some living,
    After we die.


      I was going to get some cigarettes just down a couple blocks. I decided that I didn't want to walk and looked at the little Hawk and grabbed my jacket. It was later at night and was a little wet on the ground. At this time, my Hawk wore some sport touring Mezlers.
      So here it is, damp, cold tires, oil build up at the end of the block. I was just wearing a jacket (not even zipped up) - no helmet, no gloves, but was wearing a pair of Icon superduty boots (they're very comfy actually). I start flogging the accelerator and b4 I know it, I'm doing 65 - those sigma bike computers are pretty damn accurate. My squidy ass needed to slow down in a hurry, so i hit the front brakes and started to feel the front end start to go. Now this is all happening in a matter of seconds. My next reaction was to hit the rears as I let up the front. Good idea? Jury's still out on this one (because I was heading toward the end of my street). So when I nailed my rear brake, the damn thing locked up (re:cold tires, damp weather, oily end of the street). I found myself in a two wheel slide and low sided. I think I hit the ground around 55 or 60mph. It's really amazing how much the body will slide at those speeds. Now by some miracle, my ignorant dumb ass actually remembered to keep my head up and use my jacketed arms to keep my unhelmeted head from scraping the ground. Every once in a while I'd put my hands down and get reminded that I had no gloves (ouch!-I actually put my left hand down while I was sliding, picked it up since it hurt, and proceeded to put the right hand down. )

      The hawk was throwing such a great spark show as it was sliding, it kinda diverted a lot of attention from the pavement chewing through my jeans, hands, knees, thighs, and shin.

      Out of this experience though, I got that sense of indestructability out of my system. I pretty much did everything wrong that night. But, I'm a much more aware rider now and I always use my gear - even if it is just to get some chips and dip at the local supermarket.
      It's scary how slow I am!

      '88 HawkGT - crashed as all hell - Hiperform subframe, VFR rear wheel, F3 front end, Penske shock.

      '05 Ducati S2R - Monstrack mirrors, CRG levers, Evoluzione clutch slave cylinder, ProItalia tail chop, Arrow damper, Nichols flywheel, Suburban Machinery bars


        Which Crash to discuss?

        I guess the best one to talk about would be the one where I went too fast into a corner on a 1956 Vellocette ops: (I was 16, and stupid) and lost it. I was tickled pink to be able to ride on the back roads to Alice's Resteraunt (Same one the Bay Area Ride went to from the Hawk List) with the rest of the Velo club members. I was following the lead group and keeping up until we hit the twisties. They all had modern tires and my bike still had the old style "tyres" which do not allow for mistakes. I went in to the corner way too hot, tried to brake while still leaned over, and the bike slid out. I had enough sense to get off the bike when it slid out from under me and stop myself before I followed the bike down a cliff!

        Fortunately for me, the bike was hanging by it's footpegs five feet down on an old barbed wire fence. It took five club members to get it back up to the road and the damage, miraculously, was minimal. I thought the owner, my uncle, was going to blow a gasket at first but he was just as worried about my being o.k. I managed to get by without a scratch to me and just a couple of scuff marks on the leather pants and gloves. Needless to say, I was teased every time the group would pass that corner and it was nick-named "Georgie's Leap" as a result.

        Moral Learned? It is not worth keeping up with the pack if you do not have the ability. I have always remembered since then to ride within my abilities and to stretch myself where I have the best chance of survival.


          Welcome to the site. That sounds like a pretty lucky spill..Could have been much worse from the sounds of it.


            Close call this morning!

            I'm still shaking from the near collision this morning. Someone from up above must like me.

            I'm riding into work today like usual, nothing out of the ordinary. Gorgeous day so I'm enjoying the ride. I'm about 2 blocks from my work crusing along Route 60 (Midlothian Turnpike) when the light I'm approaching turns just turns yellow. All of a sudden the HUGE Silverado in front of me decides to slam on its brakes and all I see is smoke coming from his tires.

            I thought to myself "Oh Crap, DANGER DANGER!" Now I should tell you that I've only been riding for about 1.5 months now and did take the MSF course so I think that played a part in my still being here right now.

            Anyways, I see smoke coming off of his locked up tires so I panic and reach for my front and rear brake at the same time. Of course I was panicked so I stepped down on the rear brake a little hard and locked up the wheel. At this point I was sliding about 35 MPH right towards the back of the truck.

            The whole time all I could think about was what the MSF people told me...."When you lock up the rear wheel, don't let go of the rear brake...don't let go of the rear brake...don't let go of the rear brake." At this point, the tailend just started wagging a little. I started gradually (in the next second) increasing pressure on the front brake lever and was able to stop just about a foot from his metal bumper. Eek.

            Needless to say, I pulled over and check to see if I had soiled myself. When I started off again, I looked back to that little patch of hell and noticed there were 3 tire marks down that lane. Oh man....glad I changed my brake pads over the weekend.

            Umm....I think I'm going to keep a 6 second gap between me and any cager. <shudder> Ride safe everyone.
            '89 Hawk GT
            - CBR900 rear shock
            - Corbin Seat
            - Unipod filters
            - Supertrapp Exhaust
            - Smoked-lens JDM Front indicators
            - LED Rear indicators


              WOW!!!! Yellafella, that was one scary close call! Hats off to you for keeping the rubber to the ground and getting out of that in one piece. You just reminded me; it pays to take a refresher course or two from the AMA if you have been off the bike a while.


                broken bones before motorcycles=0 after=3

                #1-I broke my thumb dropping my first bike 4 hours after I bought it, afraid to lean it through a left hander, ended up on the sidewalk. spd=15mph

                #2-4 o-clock in the morning, heading back to pt loma submarine base, the sub I was attached to was departing at 6 so I was in a hurry.
                took a left-hand exit for barnett off of pacific coast highway.
                errors=doing regular speeds at night on totally unfamiliar roads.
                I was doing 65 when my headlight finally illuminated the 35mph right angle turn sign for the exit dead ahead... locked up the rear while panic braking, heard the squeal and let off the rear brake=high-sided broke my right clavicle into at least 4 pieces.
                gear=borrowed AGV full-face helmet, close fitting ski jacket "to cut the wind" over a sweatshirt. the required military orange reflective vest. jeans and combat boots.

                #3-5 o-clock Jan 20th '06. leaving work... cold tires, weather was chilly, a block away from work heading NW this young gal driving a dark green Del Sol pulls out accross traffic from one of the businesses to my right intending to head SE... waaayyy too close... hit the brakes and the bike washed out almost instantly. I landed on my left side with the bike hitting my left ankle before we slid apart. road-rashed both knees, the left one pretty bad. broke my left ankle on impact, no other injuries but the ones done to my hawk...
                her quote: " well you didn't hit me so I must have had enough room" and
                "I'm a single student so the insurance will have to pay for it"

                gear=Arai quantum helmet, dainese leather jacket, held gloves, jeans and alpinestars boots(no ankle armor) all of it totalled (but it worked!)
                as of today I can finally walk without the "range-of-motion-boot" (whoohoo)

                still waiting on insurance to make a decision.

                enough of my novella how about the rest of you

                88 Blue XS-Hawk.... broken and in recovery


                  Re: broken bones before motorcycles=0 after=3

                  Originally Posted by XS-Hawk
                  her quote: " well you didn't hit me so I must have had enough room" and
                  "I'm a single student so the insurance will have to pay for it"
                  Unfortunately, since there was no contact, most insurance agencies won't cover you for collision. Unless you have better coverage, they can tell you to take a hike.

                  You might want to add another piece of gear to your collection - Icon field armor leg. It's really cheap and feels solid enough to withstand moderate speed lowsides.
                  It's scary how slow I am!

                  '88 HawkGT - crashed as all hell - Hiperform subframe, VFR rear wheel, F3 front end, Penske shock.

                  '05 Ducati S2R - Monstrack mirrors, CRG levers, Evoluzione clutch slave cylinder, ProItalia tail chop, Arrow damper, Nichols flywheel, Suburban Machinery bars


                    Shit XS, it sounds like you have had a couple spills. Sounds painful.


                      Interesting topic. I happened to be eating a bowl of spegetti when I looked a those sugery pictures!

                      My Hawk and I got into a bit of trouble about 3 weeks ago. I was on my way home after work, it had just gotten dark here in Baltimore. I had made a left hand turn onto a fairly busy road and wicked it up. I was accelerating past 30 or so when an SUV pulls right out in front of me, crossing both my available lanes.

                      I basically had ZERO chance to react... I shut off the throttle, locked up both wheels, made a weird yelping noise, and ate the side of a Ford Explorer. I remember going over the front of my Hawk and bouncing off her SUV. It was a textbook motorcycle accident... complete with the clueless woman hopping out of the SUV saying "Oh my God, are you okay? I didn't see you!" Etc.

                      I faired much better than my poor Hawk. My back got wreched up pretty good and I had strange bruises and pulled muscles, but for the most part I came though amazingly well for a head-on impact. I was wearing a full-grain leather jacket, my helmet, boots, gloves, etc.

                      My Hawk is now awaiting parts. Everything forward of the tripple tree got fooked, but amazingly the frame is okay. I further lucked out and scored a complete front end on eBay last week, which was nice. Asside from some minor scratching on my perimeter frame and stator cover, she should make a complete recovery.

                      My trust in drivers will probably take a while longer to recover, but all in all, I was lucky.
                      Bikes: 88 Hawk, 97 VFR, 06 V-Strom 650


                        Sorry about the rough pictures man. It sounds like you had a terrible experience man..That is about the time i crap myself. It sounds like you dealt with it ok, I am glad you are ok.
                        It is probably a good thing you were gear up..


                          Ouch, thats quite a collection of crashes. Thankfully it sounds like you all ended up OK (eventually)!!!
                          One thing I notice is that lots of you use the back brake quite a lot, is there any reason for that? I have to say that pretty much since I started riding (nearly 10 years ago) and having always ridden sportsbikes with dual disks etc. I only really use the back brake when negoatiating through traffic to help slow speed manouvres.
                          I think that in an emergency braking situation the back wheel should be 1/2-1" off the ground otherwise youre not squeezing hard enough!! Perhaps some racers use the back brake to settle the bike mid turn but I'm certainly not at that level!

                          As for crashes I've had plenty whilst I was racing supermoto (very badly) but the relatively slow speeds and the fact that I was always wearing full leathers meant I simply bounced, got back up, bashed the handlebars back in line and took off again!!

                          Funniest/Luckiest road crash was in an underpass in London, UK. The road goes under a busy section of London and at its deepest point does a 90degree left hand turn. It has a really good surface and a nice long radius. If there was no traffic you could really haul ass get your knee down and come flying back up on the other side. Unfortunately on one occasion I went in just a bit too hot drifted wide and hit some gravel. The front wheel lost grip and I started to low side but luckily the kerbing is banked. There I am thinking oh shit this is going to hurt when in the next millisecond the front wheel rides the kerb for a does a 'wall of death' style move i.e. its at near 90 degrees to the road surface, my plums implode on the tank and then suddenly Im coasting along the up part of the underpass. In my then considerable pain I could not believe that I had not wiped out and was picking myself out from under a Black taxi!! To say that my testes were swollen was a totally understatement but luckily there was no damage to the bike and I was (mostly) OK.



                            Oh, my balls hurt just reading that, Marc!
                            1988 "BlackHawk" project
                            1989 "RallyHawk" is Chuck's now!
                            1988 "The Gray" Tempest Gray Metallic stocker

                            I can't tell you how peaceful it is. Shinya Kimura
                            People who know ride Hawks. Riot


                              ...and yet, now I want to go back to London and ride that same spot horizontally too!
                              1988 "BlackHawk" project
                              1989 "RallyHawk" is Chuck's now!
                              1988 "The Gray" Tempest Gray Metallic stocker

                              I can't tell you how peaceful it is. Shinya Kimura
                              People who know ride Hawks. Riot