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    insurance question

    I'm 30. How much should I be paying for insurance on my bike in Texas (specifically Dallas)?

    As some of y'all might know from the introductions, I recently got my hands on a 1988 Hawk with less than 900 original miles on it. Now it's up to 1,028 or so. I can't stay off the thing.

    I'm wondering if I can insure it to capture it's "replacement" value since it can't really be replaced. If it gets stolen, I'm sure the insurance company is going to hand me a check for like $2800 and I'm going to be pissed. Any suggestions/ideas? I want to go in and talk with my agent on Saturday, and I'd like some input.

    Also I have "personal injury protection" but from what I can tell, it's basically worthless. Thoughts on that?

    I can't help with local rates, but it's going to be a tough fight getting what you (we) think it's worth versus what the market thinks.

    According to Kelley Blue Book, an aproximate average (retail/trade in) for the 88 in your area is around $1937. So even anticipating a $2800 check for a total would be optimistic. This is all theory of course.

    Our Hawks do hold value. I bought my 88 in 1989 for around $3200 out the door! And look what they're running now. Not bad. But I carry minimal insurance (I think under $150/year for Baltimore rates) as I know I can't replace it and it doesn't owe me anything after 17 years of ownership.

    Consider talking to a "Classic Car" insurance person. Perhaps they can insure your bike for a specific "replacement value"? Not sure how/if they do that.

    Keep us posted if you would.
    88 HawkGT (original owner)
    99 Concours
    02 VFR800