I've got a bunch of fun stuff coming UPS tomorrow from Hordland, OH... like Unis and a 43T rear sprocket... I'm way excited!!! And by April, I should finally be able to splash for Racetech springs and some emulators, right around the start of riding season!

Of course I've also got a dead battery, and a short somewhere in my wiring loom. Lenac has to come rescue me this weekend because I'm electrically-challenged and can't trust myself to wire anything without it somehow involving a spectacular explosion. I swear to god all my connections were fine when I wired the new power converter (which I thought was the problem, but apparently not, who the hell knows)... I turn the key and some lights come on, some don't. WTF is up with that?

On the up side DHOOM 2 (it's like Torque, if Bollywood made it) is in theaters right now. I'm gonna go see it Thursday at the ImaginAsian....