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Icon girls jacket - pretty cheap

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    Icon girls jacket - pretty cheap

    I saw this on a forum and thought some of you who have pretty passengers would be interested in keeping them pretty..Here is a jacket for 100$, though I dont know how many they have.

    Also, i just noticed, they only have XS large and xl.

    damn... Magdalena needs a small, and they're out. Nice jackets.

    I've been looking for something she can wear in the summer that she'll actually... wear. Right now in the closet are her leather jacket (too hot) and denim (at least it's something, but not ideal). I'd like to see her wearing something armored, I'd feel better. But she hated my black Fieldsheer Titanium Air when I bought it and says I look like a Power Ranger (I still want the matching armored pants). So I'm looking for a mesh jacket designed for a women's curves - with internal armor you don't see - for her. Any suggestions, anyone?
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      They actually sell that jacket on that site for like 120$ in all the other sizes i think..those are just over stocks? i dont know?? hehe
      umm. I will keep my eyes out, as I am shopping for a passenger jacket in the exact same size. I dont want my girlfriend on the back unless she has helmet gloves and jacket on.