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Racking up the miles

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    Racking up the miles

    I've only had my Hawk for about a month and a half so far, and have been sharing daily driver status between it and my BMW lately. Thing is, I just noticed today that it has 14,900 miles on it. I bought it with about 13,750 miles on it. At this rate the thing will be at almost 25,000 miles this time next year.

    So who here racks up a lot of miles on their Hawk? What's the maintanence been like? How quickly does the valve clearance start to tighten? Anything go wrong? Thanks!
    '88 Hawk GT - back in the saddle
    '99 Suzuki GZ250 - the first

    '87 Suzuki GSXR1100/1207cc - traded to get my Hawk back

    I had about 40k on my red hawk when I sold it. maybe 50k? I bought it with about 10k on it. I raced it on and off for about 2 or 3 years, and did a lot of street riding, mostly pretty hard riding in the mountains and track days.

    never did much to the motor except check the valves every so often, change oil religiously, put in a Factory shift kit, one clutch, unifilters and 3.0 jet kit, etc. Never anything internal done to the motor and I know of two additional owners who have ridden it a fair amount and it's still not needed any major maintenance.

    I know others on the hawk list put up to 80k miles on the motor. they are pretty unstressed if you keep them fairly stock or less than about 65hp at the rear wheel. after that you start to go thru cranks.