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Need Advice on Bike sale

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    Need Advice on Bike sale

    So I have a 1984 Honda Ascot... (see my for sale post).

    I have $1200 in it (traded a CRF50 that I bought for $1200 for it)

    I would like to make a profit so I am asking $1500.

    I have been offered a straight trade for a 1988 Kawasaki Mojave 4 wheeler. It seems in good shape and is a strong runner.

    I also am trying to work a trade for a VTR 250.

    Values-----KBB-------------NADA------------------------AVG Between the 2

    Ascot-----$1225---------Excel $1875- Poor $525------------- $1212
    VTR-------$1535-----------$ 1045 AVG-------------------------$1290
    Mojave---$1310------------$ 610 AVG------------------------- $ 960

    Any advice here? Friends are saying that in Vermont I could sell the ATV faster for $1000-$1200, they also think the VTR would be hard to get rid of Being a 250. Of course they think the Ascot is going to be a tough sell as well (kinda a Niche market).

    What do you guys think?
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    You could try preemptively listing the ATV you haven't bought yet at about $1500 and seeing if you get a bunch of calls right away.
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