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Moving to CA from NY

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    Moving to CA from NY

    Hi everyone,

    Haven't posted much since I first got the Hawk mid last year.
    Since then, what was suppose to have been my own project bike ended up in a shop for rebuild. Surprisingly, it didn't require much more than new battery to turn over the engine - after 6years of sitting in a shed.

    Anyhow, might be moving to LA from NY and was wondering if there's anything I should be concerned about in terms registering this bike there. I understand there might be stricter emmissions regulations and what not. Just want to make sure all this effort is actually worth it.

    Thanks and happy new year!


    Hi Rick,
    as you are probably an american this will probably make total sense to you but it was confusing as hell to me (1st vehicle in the US)!!!...
    Bought the bike and the bloke filled in the bit on the title as did I.
    Took it to the DMV (note get there early otherwise youll be sitting on your arse for hours!) where you pay for a registration then you PAY TAX on the F'ing transaction. Bastards! I nearly swore at the woman. In the UK you only pay tax on NEW vehicles.
    IIRC they will then send you the proper title in the post, whilst you use a temp they issue.
    Then take it to a garage for an inspection. Again I was shocked at how basic it was! In the UK (and worse in Europe) the bike has to actually be road worthy and basic things like lights focus and aim, tyres, brakes and actual braking force are measured, and all fastners are there and screwed down and anything that is on the bike works. The idea is so that you dont kill yourself or another road user with a death trap of a vehicle.
    To that end I rebuilt the rear piston on the back brake, swapped out the RH clip on, changed the throttle ass. so it actually returned when you let go of the throttle! and lubed the clutch. I was also scared that he would fail the rear wheel as the bearings or the SA bearing are loose! Also gave the thing a basic tune so that it at least ran without smoking the place out.

    Imagine my surprise when the bloke didnt even start the damn thing! He just ran his hands over it, looked to see if the lights worked, looked at the tyres without even rotating the wheels, then checked brake lights (using his hand for the back brake meaning it still could be sticky) and then PASSED me.
    I mean the bike WAS road worthy but holy shit that was the most basic thing ever!

    Sorry this turned into a rant but I was shocked at the DOT standard here in NYC....
    I guess thats why all the F'ing Harley crowd (and Doug ) can run around here with no silencers at all!!! BTW I do like a nice sound exhaust but those things are just SOOO obnoxious. Why do they insist on always blipping the throttle EVERYWHERE they go? Havent they got an idle adjust screw? Let alone the fact its seemingly cool to stop the traffic to answer you cell phone then scream abuse when somebody honks their horn then set off EVERY car alarm in a 20 block radius.
    When you are trying to eat at an outside bar in the LES that just pisses me off!!!!
    Where's Judge Dread when you need him eh???


      ya thats new york
      each state will treat you diffrent (hell even different counties within a given state have different laws on the subject) i took my cali bike to indiana and the county i live in only verifies vin number and thats it. i know texas had a rode worthy inspection process (the guy that bought my buell was from texas)

      all i can say is cali will be the hardest state to switch registrations to. never knew anyone that took a bike into the state, and i think (not 100% sure) you have to have smog equiped model. 91 was only sold in cali for that reason (the california model)
      1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51


        lots of anger there, brewsy. Welcome to NY!
        I totally hear ya about the (lack of) regard for motorcycle safety here. There're endless stories when it comes to our motor-vehicle licensing/training/education standards....

        I was actually hoping to get some advise for moving the bike from NY to CA, where regulations (especially emmissions) are different. Agree with jaysunOne, that CA seems to be the strictest state when it comes to this kind of things..


          I take my loud-piped, questionably-lit Hawk to a guy on Long Island. I won't mention the name of the place aloud for fear they'll go away at the behest of the DOT...

          I roll up and tell him I need a new inspection. He looks at my lack of gauge cluster and says, "where's your mileage?" I tell him "about 16,500" and he says, "ok." I give him my registration and he prints up the sticker. End of story. I love these guys. No one else (that I found yet) will pass me, because I have an integrated taillight that, technically, isn't DOT.

          Welcome to NY. And yeah, Brewsy, the Governor takes his cut from freaking everything.
          1988 "BlackHawk" project
          1989 "RallyHawk" is Chuck's now!
          1988 "The Gray" Tempest Gray Metallic stocker

          I can't tell you how peaceful it is. Shinya Kimura
          People who know ride Hawks. Riot


            HA HA HA..
            I'm not sooooo annoyed, just when Im trying to have a good evening with a chick does it become that bad!!!

            Good luck with the move to CA....



              I moved from NY to SF. No problems. All they care about is that the numbers match. No smog, no tire check, no brake or light check, nothing.


                bikes don't need to pass emissions out here


                  Duplicate post.


                    Sheesh, in Michigan I take the title to the Secretary of State (DMV), prove I have insurance and they give me a plate or mail one too me. I have to pay a registration fee but they never see the bike.
                    -God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of the people I had to kill because they annoyed me.