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UPDATE Possible Meg for the Hawk

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    UPDATE Possible Meg for the Hawk

    Well... i am not sure on the inlet diameter and what not but i will email Paul and get the facts on it...but this may be a viable source for some reverse megs

    Ok it has a 2" diameter inlet and is 295mm in overall length....i think this may be my ticket on the Hawk....have to measure inside the tail[img][/img]
    Lord Squidward of FloriDUH

    I've had one of those sitting in my Tyga shopping cart for a little while, I keep chanting "must not spend $$" but unfortunately, I think I must. Heh.

    J.D. Hord
    Keeper of Engine Nomenclature, 9th Order


      pm me when you find out anything
      looking for hawk paerts in all the wrong places

      current bikes
      both black


        That looks good, hard to tell without seeing it on a Hawk.
        I would vote for Mr. Hord to blaze the trail so the rest of us can again reap the benifits.


          I'm planning on getting one when I get further along with my Ducati 750 F1 body on Bandit 400 retro-junker project.It's tempting to go ahead and order one for Hawk testing.


            I've got two open megaphones in the basement and one on the hawk currently. One was a mix of TBR headers w/ a low left exit open megaphone. I"m guessing it was one of Matt Blashfields early experiments.

            Hawkenstein open meg system

            short link to it running in the driveway (~800kb):

            Hawkenstein running

            here is another one I have. it's just a 2" inlet open meg with a homebuilt semi silencer on it. I bought it locally from a buddy and attached it to my Hawk connection left exit pipe. I dont think I actually rode anywhere with it like this. maybe to the Vortex one night. it was freakin' LOUD!

            caution- image in link is big, like 500kb.

            Hawk open meg 1

            short video (small) of this exhaust:

            Hawk open meg video

            and lastly I currently have the Hyperform underseat with one of his open meg systems. it's pretty loud but not stupid loud. it's what I use at most of my track days. so far i havent' been booted off track but people do not like to follow me.

            if anyone wants to buy either the first system (headers and "muffler") or just the 2" open meg muffler in the second shots, make me an offer. would love to get it out of the basement!


              I have a custom 1off megaphone exhaust if anyone wants it. I'll sell it for $30 plus shipping costs. The exhaust was custom made for a Hawk; it exits similar to the stock. I'm only willing to sell the rear section (NOT THE HEADER PIPES); you will need to have it welded to another set of headers. The megaphone connects to the headers under the motor and starts to widen as it runs up behind the rearset and then turns straight to the back. The exhaust has a little surface rust but it can be rubbed off (no leaks). Here are some pics, pm me if you want it... I'll throw in the alluminum hanger that I used with it to hold it to the stock subframe as well.

              Again, you will only receive the rear section in this pic. It clears the lower fairing (Airtech RC30) just fine. The pipe will be one in, one out (cut just behind the split in the pic). You will need to fab up a two into one exhaust connection...


              88' (Gulf) Hawk GT
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                You have a PM, sir.
                A Honda amongst a sea of Harleys


                  If for any reason the meg is still available I will take it. If for nothing else than to keep it off the street. I imagine that open meg is so loud that it makes your eardrums itch. Looks awesome though. -=Cheers.
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                    Payment sent for that sexy thang.
                    A Honda amongst a sea of Harleys