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Are We Big Enough for a Swap Meet?

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    Well, if you guys want to incorporate it into CTHR, Iíve got plenty of space.
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      Originally Posted by 69Falcon View Post
      Well, if you guys want to incorporate it into CTHR, Iíve got plenty of space.
      And parts.

      My though is that everyone who is coming to the cthr kinda already has access to everyone else who would be comings part stash no?

      Would there be more people showing up of there where for sale parts?
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        If I change my schedule to go to CTHR, I won't be bringing parts there as I'd ride up from MD, but that's a ways away. When I'm ready to sell stuff I typically put it on eBay with no reserve. but I've bought Hawk stuff and not sold it which is, perhaps, an issue... esp. if you ask the other members of the nozzle clan.


          Originally Posted by nozzle View Post
          There are large open fields in Bucyrus, OH... but there's not much else there
          but don't you agree that corn and soybeans are essential crops to the usa ?
          "It's only getting worse."

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            The Nozzle homestead in NW Ohio is growing Hops now, so that seems important itís all good, where ever there is folks on Hawks.


              Hmmmm ... four year undergrad degree earned in Ohio ... my conclusion is that Ohio produces the best tomatos, sweet white corn and farmers daughters!
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                Sounds like a great idea. But as we all well know, most hawkers are not really good at "selling" our spares to other hawkers. Most of us "give" our spares away before selling them when a needy hawker needs something. I have given plenty of stuff to needy hawkers. Its just how the hawk community is....FAMILY.
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