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LED signals OK or not?

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  • LED signals OK or not?

    I'm looking to replace the signals and have some K&S LED units in my cart. I think I read somewhere that LED signals are no-go on Hawks.
    I want to check before I open my wallet.

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    I haven’t ever fitted led indicators but understand that specific relays are available for a few quid.


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      Problem solved, I found 3-wire incandescents


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        You can use LEDs. You just have to use resistors or a different relay.
        Brian - Richland, WA
        1991 Hawk GT


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          You can use an LED relay and then if you switch to LED's on the dash lights you use a resistor on the front blinkers to make an adapter to prevent feedback on the dash lights (because they have a common ground).
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            You can make any signal work. And you can can use any of the following:

            LED signals.
            2 to 3 wire conversion for LED or incandescent.
            Flash Resistors.
            Fixed rate flasher relay.
            LED dash light for TURN indicator.

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              With some dual color LEDs and maybe a trailer module, you can make the turns into brake lights as well. Then, you wouldn't need a brake light on a race tail conversion.

              Recently, BMW did this with the S1000r.
              Eric Y.
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