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  • Problem uploading pictures

    Over the last 24 Hrs, every time I try to upload some photos I get a message telling me something about the ‘upload quota of your user group’ being used up or something? Is this a general problem or just me?

    Is there a limit on how much can be uploaded? With the high res photos taken with smart phones and so on I’d expect this would quickly to be exhausted. The photos in question are just taken with an iPhone and not super large files.

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    You should be fixed now. Try it and let me know.
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      Thank you 69Falcon. The problem I reported as gone but now when I go to post reply I get a message ‘upload at least one photo’, even though I have uploaded three and they are visible in the draft message.


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        Start your post over again.

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          Thank you ParcNHawk, that worked.