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88 Hawk resurrection

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  • 88 Hawk resurrection

    I picked up this 88 Hawk for 300 bucks. Dude said it ran back in 2008 but took a low speed spill when someone cut him off. It then sat in his backyard until a few days ago. Left side case is busted and rusted. Spider webs, bug sacs, dust all over the place. He didnt drain any oil or gas out, so the carbs are super gummed up. After his accident he said he started to rebuild it starting with the R6 tail . It has a 900rr rear shock, but I doubt that the spring was changed or the shock was re-valved. He also mentioned that he had cut his fork springs and added a spacer to give it more preload (weird, I never heard of anyone cutting stock fork springs). I originally wanted to part it out and keep a few things for myself, but upon further inspection, I think I might have enough spare Hawk bits to get her back on the road. I was able to free the rusted parts, pull the busted case and rotate the crank. I was also able to get it into neutral. He did give me the original tail and seat which are both in decent condition. At least the chain wasn't on too tight...coz there is NO chain! Ill be posting my progress for you bored Hawkers to look at.
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    Oh my. I wish you luck with that.
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      You got your work cut out for you there.

      Pretty much anything you need, parts, info, walkthroughs, (iffy) setup advice, you will find here.

      Check the inside of the tank. If it's a rusty mess that not a cheap fix.

      If that where mine I would want to hear it run before I went too far.

      It's not uncommon to cut fork springs and add a longer spacer. Common mod on the ex500 for the production racers. That said, most hawkers just buy a set of stuffer springs.

      Good luck, keep is posted.
      Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


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        Oh jeez. Yeah good luck, but anything is doable. And just NO on the R6 tail. Bleh.
        "I couldn't afford NOT to buy it!"


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          That is going to cost you more than if you found one that didn't need so much. I hope you have deep pockets.
          Brian - Richland, WA
          1991 Hawk GT