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    Been eyeing 919 Hornets and CB1100s . . . Share your experiences with each!


    Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 8.38.41 AM.png
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    Never ridden either..

    BTT built a beast 919 though. He loved it.

    As for the cb1100, I'm a big fan of the 83 version.. you get one of those let me take her for a rip
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      Got a buddy with a 919. I've done some work on it, including some re-mapping. Very fun and capable bike. That motor with FI is delightful. While not at will, you can power up a clutchless wheelie. He has stock exhaust and it is a sewing machine. Can highly recommend them.

      While the 1100 is great bike and good looking, it's a little pedestrian for me.
      "I couldn't afford NOT to buy it!"


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        Thanks! I'm going to ride a 2013 CB1100 (just like the one in the pic above) tomorrow. Also going to take a Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe for a spin. Slowly and very carefully!


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          I had a 2006 Honda 919 for a year. Basically stock, but I blocked off the PAIR valves and did the flapper mod. That helped the erratic low speed fueling, which really needs to be remapped. Also added one inch bar risers. It had the stock seat and a Corbin, which was better. I hoped it would be a long distance cruiser, but just never got comfortable on it for more than an hour or so. I even geared up the sprockets to get a more relaxed cruising speed, because the (excellent) in-line four always felt so busy. It just wanted to accelerate-- it really was designed to be a hooligan bike. Well, I already had a Hawk for that kind of fun ride. So I sold it and went to a BMW oilhead 1150, which has a nice lazy drone, and is very comfortable for long-distance rides. But if that's your cup of tea, 919s pop up on the local CL, and are affordable. Just remember that valve adjustment on the Honda Fours with cups and shims, is expensive, so get one that has had the service done.

          Honda 919 Edy MED.jpg
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