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hawk 650 and bros 400 parts compatability

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  • hawk 650 and bros 400 parts compatability

    Hi guys,

    I was just about to place an order through hord power for brake (caliper rebuild, rotors, pads) and suspension (racetech valves and springs) parts for my NT400 bros.
    The parts they list are for the 650, are they interchangeable with the 400?
    They weren't 100% sure as they'd never worked on the 400

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    Front forks should be the same.

    The brake parts probably aren't.

    We don't have the Bros in North America, so I don't know 100% but it's my understanding that the NT400 has a floating front rotor set up.

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      The suspension should be fine and interchangeable. The brakes, no dice. Different calipers and disc. The Bros uses a four piston caliper with different size pistons.
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        Thank you so much guys. Love this group. So much more helpful that car groups I've been part of in the past.
        I'll just purchase the fork stuff then and I'll try to find another supplier for the brake bits


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          ASMA #139


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            If both are honda Bros 650 and 400 most parts are interchangeable i think... (carbs and engine parts 400/650)

            Some Bros 650 and Hawk 650 parts are different. Brakes, stanchions and between
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