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  • Thanks to Yuzon Design Works

    Been working on a little project for a keyless gas cap on one of my 1986 VFR. They don't make them, the bolt pattern is just a little different than every other Honda of the similar style. Found out that some certain ZX Kawasakis have the same bolt patterm. There were a few hurdles to overcome, but one of them was reducing the outside diameter of the cap a bit. Eric performed the surgery and it came out great. Thanks again. He has been a great resource on a few projects.

    20211008_060234.jpg 20211008_055737.jpg
    "I couldn't afford NOT to buy it!"

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    Way to go Eric!
    Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


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      Awesome! Thanks! Glad it worked out!! Love these little one off problem solvers!
      Eric Y.
      Hawk test chassis
      Yuzon Designworks


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        Link to the whole story...

        So the RC26 started out as a Track Bike build, but the farther I got into it I realized I want to ride it more than what has turned out to be...
        "I couldn't afford NOT to buy it!"


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          That gas cap is awesome.
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            Captain, your gascap looks nice, but i hate those darn keyless things.


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              This is a pretty nice design. Not like the previous gen. It's vented and has that cam lever that prevents it from loosening. This bike will never be parked on a street overnight or anything like that.
              "I couldn't afford NOT to buy it!"


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                Outstanding job as usual!